Sunday, 19 February 2012

Food Glorious Food

So this entire weekend seems to be revolving on food.

Friday seemed to be my only virtuous day where I went for a jog and also had a dance class at Frame in Shoreditch(amazing class- we grooved to Beyonce). Saturday was spent trawling through the stalls of Borough market, looking at the different types of food and wanting to try every delicacy that was on offer. I ended up buying anything that was salted caramel flavoured. After a very wet afternoon I went to meet friends for a bite to eat at Cha Cha Moon - I had forgotten how much I enjoy the atmosphere of this place. The great service, the food - the salted lemonade... It was just what I needed. To finish, we ended up at O bar and polished off too many Long Island iced teas and shared X-rated jokes. My half hangover the next day was soon alleviated with some roasted veg with orzo and some grilled welshcakes...Delish.


Limehouse Basin on my morning jog
Salted Caramel Sauce - god's gift
My usuals...macaroons
Sweet Nectar

Wales' finest

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