Monday, 20 February 2012


Love, love, LOVE it my Glossybox when it arrives - however I do not enjoy when my postie knocks on the door at 7.30am (much to the dismay of my housemates).

However, this month's box did more than make up for it. Inside was a Dr. Bonner's magic citrus soap thingy which I am dying to try out- although I'm curious to how multi-functional this soap gel actually is...

Along with the soap, I got an eyeshadow (v.nice layered on top of an existing taupe eyeshadow) and a Du-Wop lipgloss (Gorgeous product, just the colour simply didn't work for me...just, no.)

I am off to slather on some of the fancy body lotion that I also got...(lavender!)

F x

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