Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hump Day (& co)

Man, where has this week gone so far? I spent the weekend traipsing around St Paul's trying to find the perfect burgundy jeans (damn you H&M) with not much luck.

I then somehow took a wrong turn and ended up with St Paul's Cathedral in front of me, granted it's a side shot but it spurred me to take a snap no less.

Sunday was lush - dinner with friends, had chicken & parma ham for the first time (do not know how I went so long before trying this) and am a convert to meat wrapped up in more meat. So far this week has been nothing but work work work. (oh yeah, and a v. low key V day).

So to celebrate Hump day, I thought I'd treat myself to a midweek treat as an homage for my love of all things salted caramel. Boom.

F x

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