Monday, 27 February 2012

To the Stars and Back

Ohhhh this week has flew by. Especially this weekend, but I don't think I could have asked for more...the sun was shining, which always makes the day at least 110% better. Caught up with an old uni friend which was way overdue, made some delish Mac 'n' cheese. Today, T took me to Greenwich Observatory as a surprise and it was truly amazing.

Unfortunately we had to postpone our visit to Lucky Chip again as I had to soak in each and every bit of information the Observatory had to offer.

Mental note to self, must go back to watch something in the Planetarium.

To finish off, I baked some Choc chip and fudge cookie bars for work. There is something therapeutic about baking and eating cookie dough off the spoon...

Here are just a few blurbs from the week.

F x
First time I used my Oskia candle - the wax turns into massage oil

 'Blue jeans....'
DG - our neighbour's cat who we have adopted
Comfort food at it's best
Took this shot whilst standing on the Meridian Line
Choc Fudge Cookie Bars. Slurp.

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