Saturday, 21 April 2012

Little Things

Here are a few tidbits that made me smile this week. Reeces and Vita lemon tea are defo not good together but I do love them. The beaut flowers were a nice midweek suprise delivery. Week has been crazy, so knackered from the press night party last night for the play, hitting rehearsals as per usual and getting singled out by the Olivier award winning choreographer to perform in front of the chorus was some scary shiz. Next week is about to get crazy because of the play, that on top of work is gonna be hella busy, but its all good fun in the end.

Now travelling back to Bristol on a humongous Megabus to fit in a last minute session to see the family and C and hopefully getting a few snaps with the DSLR. Major Lazer is also playing at Motion and I think I may actually die.
Party people.

F x

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