Monday, 7 May 2012


Deary me, I do post a lot about grub, and this post will be no different I'm afraid.

T and I spent the day wandering through South Ken, hitting the V&A museum, getting a sugar fix at Hummingbird bakery and promptly decided to scooch over to High Street Kensington to do a spot of shopping, our favourite pastime.

After much time spent umming and ahhing about whether I should get the pink hotpants in Topshop, T had had enough and went in search of some grub. Thank god I put the pants down as I wouldn't have discovered heaven. Or shall I say, Whole Foods Market.

After we demolished the oh so healthy and moreish burrito they had on offer -the restaurant and food choices they had there were amazing. Just a shame I couldn't try their fish taco :(

Downstairs was where you could purchase everything organic...sold every type of produce you could ever imagine. 

Cheese, meat, fish, world foods, beauty stuff, fresh fruit and veg, coffee, a HUGE aisle dedicated to chocolate.

A close up, because this Red Velvet cake at Hummingbird deserves it

My only regret was that I didn't pick up the Moroccan lamb shank. 

F x


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