Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Well, I must say, you gotta love the Queen for giving us Brits a fab extended bank holiday. I utilised every spare second I had during the bank hols - doing boring mandatory stuff like going to the dentists, running errands, but I also did good stuff, like go see the family, saw Annie D and Loz - we accidentally stumbled across 'Upfest' - Graffiti festival as we tried to fight our way to a cafe on Sat.

This is what I love and miss about Bristol. Sigh.
Upfest Graffiti - random display

More family came down from Manchester and we scoffed ourselves silly at our regular haunt - Watersky. My bro decided to take advantage of his weekend and wanted to make truffles for the family reunion BBQ thing on Monday....I was dubious. Especially as he has never cooked or baked anything in his life?!
Truffles in the making
You can see how they turned out later...

BBQ was fantastic... needless to say.

My sis had come back from Cornwall and brought me a pressie.

She knows me well...

Chutney + Hotdog = Win
 On came the dessert...

Eton mess and fruit tart...

Jubilee cakies

Bit of bubbly and a toast

A's truffles - to my surprise, tasted damn good. They were the first thing to disappear off the dessert selection!
 It was a fine weekend to celebrate, be with family and friends - Queeny, we salute you.

Last but not least, my weekend trousers - paisley makes me smile.

F x



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