Saturday, 23 June 2012

Muriel's Kitchen

Seeing old chums is a favourite pastime of mine, especially when the chum is my good friend Lauren.
As we had not seen each other in what seemed like an eternity, we promptly decided to hit South Ken, the Inside Out exhibition at the Natural History. After feeling slightly weirded out, we headed over to the main street for a spot of my other favourite pastime, having a good old catch up gossip sesh.

After we pondered for a minute on where to go, we stumbled across Muriel's Kitchen after I saw the beautiful array of cakes from the corner of my eye...Lol and I glanced at each other - we didn't need to look anywhere further.

As we ventured in and waited in the queue patiently, the conversation went a little something like this:

', we're just stopping for a cake and a coffee? Something small?'
'Mm yeah, I'm not that peckish for lunch really'
'Yeah, something small, that'll do...oh wait *stares at steaming tray of food being brought out* Ok. I think I'm just going to get lunch here too.'
'Oh wait, they do sides too...'

Sigh - unfortunately my stomach always wins when it comes to food.

So, back to Muriel's - we were promptly seated which was a pleasant surprise. The service was lovely and we settled on the salmon, the coronation chicken and shared the green bean veg side - perfect. I don't think I've had proper coronation chicken so you can imagine how I reacted when I took my first bite - a biblical experience.

My cupcake stare

Needless to say, I'll be returning very very promptly.



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