Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Circus - West Country Part 1

This week has been a very long one, and it's been a toughie. I was very much looking forward to going back to the West Country for a long weekend to celebrate my birthday - back to the homeland.

So - first stop - Bath. Firstly I have to mention just how drab the weather has been. How is it July!? So...after a drizzly start, T and I rushed through Bath Park, in an attempt to seek shelter from the pounding rain that was coming down, and we sought shelter in The Circus on Brock Street.

I have to be fair, The Circus was T's eagle eyed spot - I would have completely missed it as I was too busy moaning about the rain soaking through my shoes (wore ballet pumps that day. Fail).

Luckily for me, T's quite good when it comes to choosing foodie spots!

We were pleasantly surprised to find that The Circus not only just serves lunch, but they also served brekkie, afternoon tea and dinner until late. I have to say, I find that, while there are plenty of places in London and Bristol and even Bath that have great restaurants, I sometimes find that the number of restaurants that serve fab food all the way through breakfast until dinner, is a rarity.

As you can imagine, I felt like smug when we accidentally stumbled across The Circus.

When we were presented with the menu, we ummed and ahhed over the many choices - and felt a pang of 'aw, well that's nice' when we learned that the restaurant sourced their ingredients around the South West and for every litre of their specially purified water is served, The Circus also sponsors the Christian Aid's work in Africa building pumps for wells.

Ethical and locally sourced produce. At least my conscience felt good even if my waistline wouldn't, eh?

Onto the food. T and I chose the Fat Chips to share as a side, whilst he chose the caramelised peppers and peaches, with grilled Bath Pig chorizo sausage and a cumin and lemon dressing.

I however, decided to go and have the barrel-aged feta, courgettes and marjoram savoury cheesecake, served with a salsa of grilled sweetcorn and cherry tomatoes.

I shall let the photos speak for themselves.

Dare I say, best chips...ever?

Oh yes.

It was just a shame that we needed to go on our way and do touristy things around Bath - otherwise I would have been ready to join the Circus...

Next post - Bristol bound.

F x


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