Monday, 30 July 2012


Apologies for a belated post. I've been busy attempting to sort my life out at the moment and so have been away for a while. I feel bad, especially as my blog was featured as an 'Editor's Choice of the Day' at which was a total surprise!

After a scorcher of a week, I felt happy that I could wear shorts for the first time this year! I truly have been embracing shorts and skirts, which I tend to veer away from... here are a few snaps of my Saturday walking, well, pretty much everywhere! (We walked from Primrose Hill through to Regent's Park and then to Russell Square.)

Primrose Hill

Feng Shang Princess Floating Chinese Restaurant - mental note - must try

American Apparel skirt, mama's vintage bag + anchor necklace, Jack Wills breton top

Colour mash
Until next time... 

F x

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