Friday, 24 August 2012

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012

I finally took the plunge and decided to go to the Edinburgh Fringe. I love drama, and theatre and everything in between  - I would catch myself ogling friend's photos on FB and wonder 'Why had I not been yet?!!'

Well, this year was gonna be the year. The girls and I had booked this a couple of months ago and I was literally counting down the hours.

We had caught in total about 15-20 shows in 3 days (I think?!) ranging from cabaret, dance, theatre, physical theatre, comedy... caught a bit of music too.

Edinburgh Fringe is literally a place you HAVE to visit. The beautiful sights and the history is enough of an incentive. Here were my snaps from the weekend.

Crazy EdFringe nails

Snackage for train journey

After a surprisingly pleasant 4.5hour train journey...

We had arrived. Of course, treated ourselves...

First drink of the weekend

Random wood dog

Gold postie!

Random outfit post

The Scottish beast: Deep-Fried Snickers

A few bits of randomness around the city.
Love this -
Ah Bristol...
Of course, me being me, I had to check out the food and see what Edinburgh had to offer.

Introducing: Tex Mex Mexican Restaurant. Housed at Thistle Street, this little gem is the first mexican restaurant to be opened in Scotland, and boy, they did well in satisfying my palate.

We shared our main dishes and starters...

Chicken Fajita: The Classic

Margaritas O clock!

Corn shells filled with soft shell crab meat...drool

Tex Mex Burger

Scoffer - fajita need two hands!

The food was served exceptionally fast (which was good as we had to run to a show straight after!), the food was fantastic, authentic - the main star was the carnitas (pulled pork) - the meat was succulent and would literally hit each and every one of your tastebuds. Fab.

To top it off, we got jelly babies when we got the bill.  I'm so easily pleased :D

We spent most of our time running through the Mile...

Weather held up and gave me the opportunity to take an excess of sky porn shots:

Gratuitous sky porn pic 1



After yet another day of running to and from shows, we slowed down and had a few bevvies.

Before walking home to our hotel and catching this

I loved the old buildings around Edinburgh, which very much reminded me of my third favourite city, Bath

But of course, the architecture would have to wait as we had lined up yet more shows  - this time, we had an early one to get to, and so was offered some brekkie - a way to my heart - scones and tea.

Freebie breakfast for a morning comedy show

Strong tea with the teabag + jammed scone = perfect.
 After a heavy day of shows and running about, it was nice to have a few moments to stop and enjoy the sky and sun set, silhouetting Edinburgh. It was nothing like I had ever seen before.

Unfortunately, I only had time to take a few shots as we were making our way to Tron.
Tron Church

Tron - an old church that is now an entertainment venue for all things possible. In our case tonight - Burlesque.

Burlesque Show and showcased some amazing performances from artists Ms Veronica Blacklace and Sukki Singapora.

After a night of milking the late night pubs, we decided to hit the streets for some much needed hangover breakfast. Gourmet Grub called to and local produce is served at this establishment. Good grub guaranteed.
Monday: Breakfast venue

Liv went for the veggie all day - with *tattie scones*.
Veggie full house

I had a whopper.
French toast and maple syrup with bacon and hash browns

Cue to salivate

Of course, being in Fringe, it is almost expected to see something extraordinary...

Cray cray fringe actors
We also fitted in visits to the local which I can only gather this odd photo to prove it! 

We were coming to the end of our visit...livers and stomachs were just about intact for us to detox with our favoured drink - lemon and green tea.
Detox must have

Sadly we knew our visit was coming to the end... we just went for one last stroll through the park.

Wild flowers
On our (painfully unbearably hot carriage) way back to LDN, I came across some beaut landscapes but you must excuse the dirty windows which were faced on the outside!

View from carriage

So that was Fringe. Epic. Just epic.  Although, I would suggest going for a week to naximise your time here!

Go! What are you waiting for!



  1. Nice post! Fond memories but no mention of Mr Bojangles or Kristina Wong with her reusable sanitary pads!


  2. oh nooooo - Mr Bojangles will live on in our minds, and talking about reusuable pads and the mooncup may not be the most suitable topic :P

  3. nice blog,glad u enjoyed the festival, wtf is a potato pattie! it's real name in scotland is a tattie scone.

  4. oh dear. I stand corrected - updated with the correct term!


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