Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Well, I've just come back from a long weekend from visiting family, and without sounding all gushy and sentimental, I do believe that family is the crux of our livelihood.

I have absolutely adored being with my family, celebrating X's birthday and doing what we do best - gorging ourselves silly on cake and good food.

Cousin Elaine's Natas... mega sized 

My sad pasta salad that I made for Aunt J's BBQ :(

Home grown runner bean salad with raisin and curried rice was my fave

Fresh flowers for the table

Starting them off young...

Need. This sofa.

Banana + Chocolate Brownie

Blueberry and Soft Cheese 

Cherry Pie
We couldn't just have one cake...

Home made Pavlova

Vinnie working the barbie
Aunt J has an amazing place in Oxford with a HUGE garden so I decided to brace myself for the oncoming hayfever attack I was about to endure and took the opportunity to snap away.

Hide and Seek

New apples

Being at one with nature


How could I resist!?

Photos taken by H and I

Photo courtesy of brother Al - fine spider web

Aunt J's funky kitchen light
Special thanks to big sis and lil bro for the snaps.

Now, I gotta go for a jog or two to burn off the cake :(

F x


  1. So SO beautiful! I wish I had a garden nearly as beautiful as that!


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