Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Hong Kong

Apologies for the big break - in my absence I had been deciding whether I should move over to Wordpress and well, it's been 4 months and I'm still not 100% feeling it. So, here I go - back on Blogger. Since August, I've changed jobs and also went on my epic trip to Hong Kong with the family. It's been a month since I've been back but I still find myself reminiscing about the good times.

Between the family, we had literally hundreds of photos - here were my favourites.

We went to Tai Mei Tuk, a popular place to go bike riding and being outdoorsy.

Spot of kite flying

Staying in Tai Po, we were close to the market, and frequently dropped by to 'Ah Por Do Fu Fa' - which translates to 'Granny's Tofu'. I'm addicted to tofu desert, smooth, light and unbelievably healthy (if you don't add the sugar cane sprinkles...) Everytime we go back to HK, the first thing I do is hit the tofu desert shop.

'Ah Por Do Fu Fa'

More market goods...

Whilst eating desert and eyeing up the market goods (drool....) we also managed to shop. Lots of it.

Ladie's Market stall

Egg goodness
We also managed to go to the village where dad used to live. A trip down memory lane.

Crystal clear water

Nearly there...
We got to the village, I had a sense of nostalgia as we always used to visit (and even stayed over when I was really little) the houses. The family had two, but seeing as my aunts and uncles have all sinced moved over to the UK and the houses are now empty, sadly. The gate was unlocked so we decided to venture in...

Ma peering in...

I took a quick shot of the cow eating grass in the field, next to the house.

When we got inside - we found old family photos - grandad, grandma, aunty, uncle. Even ma and pa.

Dad found these two very old photos of grandma and grandad

The playground where I used to play in.
Firecrackers, which grandad had hidden. (They are now illegal)

The village

The other house - we couldn't manage to get into this one.

A village stray
Time flew by when we visited pops' old house. We could only stay for a short while, as the bus was coming and they only come by once an hour (yes...we were deep in rural land).

Next up - a trip to Lantau Island to see Big Buddha. Check out these food stalls as we made our way there... I swar Hong Kong have the best food stalls in the world.

Strays wanting a piece of the (food) action

Here, the cows roam free

We also visited the adjoining monastery, where everyone is welcome to purchase incense to burn.

Displays within the Temple

Now I know that Hong Kong is a urban jungle so A and I wanted to take the opportunity to visit a park, situated downtown.

This is purely just for laughs. Oh A.
The next day we visited ma's old village...

Picked this beautiful flowers on the walk to the village

Picking passionfruit from the garden

Old photos from Nan's house - Cousin C, E and Aunty A

Nan's second house

Attempting the Chaplin jump!

Later, the family went to Lam Tsuen, to see the famous wishing tree. The idea is to write your wish on the red card, attach it to the orange, and throw it into the tree.

Our time in Hong Kong was coming to a end, I only had one day left to do my own thing and to explore the city.

First stop - Space Musuem to watch a 3D movie

Went shopping for new trinkets

Treated myself to a watermelon juice. Delish.

Went for a run
I did manage to sneak one thing in before landing in Bristol...

To which I promptly bought home to taste in front of the fire. The perfect ending to a perfect trip.

Last view in the sky
Until next time, miss you HK.



  1. Your trip looks incredible, Hong Kong is somewhere I've always wanted to visit again - it looks so beautiful. Also that tofu desert is one of my favourites!

    1. Thank you :) i'm glad you share my love for the do fu fa!


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