Monday, 11 March 2013

Butcher & Grill

I'm sure I've mentioned before, but Sundays are my favourite day. Apart from the fact that it's the day before the working week begins, which I have to admit, is a bit of a drag. But yet, I love the relaxed feelings of Sunday - getting a paper, your early morning flat white, and meeting up with friends and having a spot of lunch. On this particular Sunday, I did just that.

I met up with E to head to her neck of the woods, in Wimbledon. I had told her I really fancied a 'filthy burger'. She suggested we go to The Butcher & Grill.

Conveniently based in Wimbledon Village (although there is also one in Battersea), we were shown to our table (I suggest pre-booking on gets busy very very quickly!) and were given the menu.

After about 2 seconds we knew what we wanted. We both ordered the 'Butcher & Grill' burger. (I decided to be a piggy and have extra cheese and bacon. Standard.)
After some time, our food arrived. (Perhaps it was busy, or they were short staffed but the waitress who served us was quite indifferent. She didn't really seem to be too fussed about taking our order and when asked about the different types of sauces, we weren't given much advice?)

None the less, the grub.

Oh yes. The burger was all in all... very good. Juicy, tasty and perfect. However, the bun perhaps just didnt suit the burger itself. The chips were very good. However I think E preferred them more as I'm not overly keen on chunky chips.

Walking off lunch

After lunch we went for a stroll through the Village and the park...perfect end to the day.

F x


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