Sunday, 24 March 2013

March Instagram

I have to admit, I've been hibernating these past couple of weeks or so, and with that in mind, thought I'd post some of my pics that I've snapped so far this month.

First up - I met up with an old friend on a very blustery and wintery Saturday morning. I don't know about you, but I am now over this winter that has seemed to last for about, oh a decade?! Madness.

Anyway, I digress - this sexy nata was bought (and very promptly consumed) on a tiny coffee house a few minutes walk away from the hustle and bustle from Oxford Street. (Good flat whites!)

Natas @ Kaffiene, Great Titchfield Street
I started a new job this week and so on my last day, the guys bought me a beautiful bunch of flowers, and some vintage inspired anchor earrings as a leaving present. I was touched as I wasn't expecting anything...!

I had completely forgotten that me and a few old work buddies went to The Diner in Camden for a much needed catch up over a burger and fries session.

Get some!

Oh yes baby, this one was all mine.

Sides to share included, gravy chips (oh god yeah), normal fries...and er....cheese fries.

What can I say? We like fries.

Tati's halloumi and roasted pepper and avocado burger...oh halloumi!

We ended up all having a mains and sharing an obscene amount of side dishes. The main event was most definitely the burgers - I always like how some places still offer to do a rare burger. Most places don't offer 'rare' due to regulations...always a pleasant surprise when the waitress asks 'So, how would you like it done?' Tip earned.

Afterwards we had a peanut butter milkshake...oh my my. Rich, creamy, and oh so worthy. Perfect way to finish off the meal.

Finally...I splurged on some goodies for, well, myself. 

A gal has gotta splurge on herself sometimes!

F x


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