Monday, 4 March 2013

V's Birthday

Once in a while, you have to just say 'screw it' and treat yourself to a day of rest and relaxation. We seldom get the chance to meet up with all of us together so we decided to make a day of it to celebrate V's birthday.

H was lovely enough to book us into The Bath Priory, for a Michelin starred lunch, which I will get to. 
First up - canapes on arrival.

After we nibbled on olives, drank our non-alcoholic Cosmos... we got ushered into our private dining room where we were offered a fantastic choice of baked bread (in house, of course).

I had to say, the sundried tomato bread was by far the best choice on offer. Warm, and still steaming...oh if only I could have this everyday.

Next, an amuse-bouche. I can't quite describe this... soup but whipped, with a mousse- like texture. Simply divine.

Now, S chose something a little different. He ordered quails eggs as a starter...this is presentation done the way it should be!

V had the brisket - deliciously presented:

M and I had the salmon. Whilst a small serving, this salmon was the best piece of salmon I have ever had. The caviar, the lemon marinating the salmon, the salmon literally melted in your mouth, just divine.

Next up - mains. I had sweetbread which, I had to be honest, wasn't my favourite. The way it was cooked was tender and flavoursome however the texture of the sweetbread wasn't to my liking. I devoured the pork (which, needless to say was perfect) and the vegetables...damn. The mash was also incredible!

Finally, we decided on dessert. M had the chocolate option...

I decided on the cheeseboard... Blue cheese with the grapes were my personal favourite!

As we got up and left to head towards the spa, the staff presented V with this special something...

Birthday Petit-fours - amazing.

Happy and pleasantly full from lunch, we slowly made our way into the spa for some much needed gossip and chill time.

Heated pool? Don't mind if I do!

Unfortunately I couldn't get any more spa pics.. but suffice to say, V came out of the treatment room looking quite relaxed and smiley after her birthday treat - a full head and body massage. After more gossiping, we decided to drag ourselves out of the spa, got ready and made our way back into Bristol for a spot of dinner.

This time? The Clifton Sausage on Portland Street, Clifton. Based in the heart of Clifton, this place offers fantastic food (specialty? Well, as you would have guessed, is the sausages).

A flurry of food...Toad in the Hole, Steak, Meat Platters...

Roast parsnip and carrots

I decided the Loubs needed to make an appearance...

After our mains came the best bit...dessert. Obviously...

Sticky Toffee Pud

S's apple crumble - I gotta admit I decided my pudding failed in comparison to S's crumble. Food envy at the max. Sigh.

H and F opted for the classic - chocolate torte.

As we were in good company, we decided the only thing to do was to hit the town and have a few tipples. We made our move into one of the hottest bars in town. As a well kept secret, I'm forbidden to mention this bar...but I will tell you now this place really knows how to fix a good drink, the way a good bar should be.

Sadly, I didn't make any photos after the second round of drinks... but I have to say, when these guys started bashing out Elton John on the piano - I knew it was a good night.

Ah Bristol, (and Bath!), you don't disappoint.
Until next time...

F x


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  1. Fran all this food looks so so yummy! We need to plan a dinner date when your next back in Bristol.
    Following you :)


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