Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Honest Burger (Soho)

E and I had planned a bestie day date and headed into Soho for a spot of lunch, shopping and cruising.

After what has felt like a 6 month long winter, it was a welcome feeling to feel the sun. Everyone becomes nicer when it's sunny...people aren't so rude, the girls whip out the sundresses and the guys come out with the shorts and flip flops. Sigh...if only it will stay like this for the next 6 months?

I digress.

First stop - Honest Burger on Meard Street in Soho.

We were eager beavers and rocked up just as they had opened. Needless to say, 20 mins later? A full house. 

Started off with a Darjeeling Iced Tea... oh drool. I think it's a shame more restaurants don't offer it. I'm a iced tea fiend. This one was perfect, light, sweetened but not overly sweet. Refreshing.

We gossiped, laughed, caught up - not soon after our goods arrived.

E taking a snap - of course
We both had the Honest burger - served up with a side of chips with rosemary salt. 

Side of beetroot and apple coleslaw...crunchy, not slathered with creamy sauce, which was good - I find most coleslaw to be greasy, thick and generally not that healthy, but this one was just right. One bit of advice... don't wear white if you want to get this side. Stains are forever...

Very happy with my choice. *Note to self - I enjoyed the candy striped straws - good way to perk up a beverage.

Apologies - no camera with me today. Iphone and E's digi cam sufficed!

Ah, the burger itself? Very good...the patty wasn't overloaded with ingredients, the meat was cooked well, the glazed bun was perfection. But it was the chips, my lord - that took my breath away. Kudos to Honest Burger. -All in all, a top contender for my favourite burger places.

Now these guys don't take bookings so if you want to try them, get there early! There are two branches  - Soho and Brixton, so no excuses!

Interesting box that was presented with our bill inside
Sunday outfit 

As the weather got hotter, I had to make an impromptu top out of my green jacket. Worked out ok, no!?

After lunch we walked through the rest of Soho and did what girls did best, and shopped! Ah...if all Sundays can be this good?

Oh heeeeey!


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