Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Patty & Bun

I had heard about these guys...mostly rave reviews about the succulent and the perfectly formed, grabable burgers and the chicken wings. I have also heard of the 'painfully long wait but you know it will be worth it once we're in' queues.

It seems like the whole of London wants a slice of Patty & Bun.

V and I rocked up on a Friday night (I and waited a painfully long 45 mins... sad times.
When we were seated we gave the menu a quick skim and ordered drinks and food, which surprisingly came quite quickly. Good times.

So, we both ordered the 'Ari Gold' with a side of chips with rosemary salt (I think this is the 3rd burger joint that do the rosemary salt thing....not that I'm complaining, of course).

Look at it. Isn't this almost the sexiest, most filthiest burger you've seen?
Ketchup, house mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickled onions CHEESE (very important) and the all important patty - housed in a brioche roll. 

When I asked the chef to do mine rare, he said that the patty doesn't hold it's shape as well if the burger was done rare. Medium rare it is, then.

It came out, wrapped up in its's P&B wrapper, ready and waiting to be devoured. We gently unfolded to discover mountains of cheese, still melting and oozing. The patty was perfect, juicy and just....hit the spot.

Even the guys next to us were pretty impressed with our 'ohhs' and 'ahhhhs' that they ordered a Ari Gold - ON top of their Jose Jose Chill burgers.

But the winning bit of this delectable meal, has got to be the 'winger winger chicken dinner'.

Smoked confit chicken wings with barbecue sauce and spring onions. Oh damn. 
I'm one of those eaters who don't like anything too fussy, too boney, contains too much shell - I'm too lazy for my own good. So, normally food like chicken wings are normally bypassed just out of my sheer laziness. Well, I manned up - decided I was gonna get stuck in and boy, I'm glad I did.

Not even kidding... these wings were probably the best wings I've ever had. Seriously good.
They were crispy, slathered in that intense and flavoursome sauce.
Bit into it. Mm. Meat good. Mmm.... and best bit - it didn't have lots of bones. Mmmm!

The meat literally fell off the (one) bone...I would have been more than happy just to eat this and ONLY this. I'm only slightly a bit narked off with myself for not taking more photos of the wings. Yeah... they were demolished. Soz.

The only thing I was disappointed about was the lack of caramel in their peanut butter choc ice. Boo.

Don't let this stop you - this place is by far my favourite place to go to at the moment, and you need to check them out, even if just for the chicken wings.

F x


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