Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Alice House

Ah, West Hampstead. One thing about living here is that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants and bars. Italian, Spanish tapas, Sushi, Chinese...sigh. Dream.

I've decided to slowly make my way through every restaurant/cafe/bar on West End Lane (it would be rude not to!) On this particularly balmy evening, M and I decided to check out The Alice House.

We started off with a little jam jar cocktail - Plumble and the Cherry Penny. (Tip, the guys at the bar really know their shiz... they'll create a drink for you if you ask politely enough!)

Now we started with the salmon. (This may have even beaten my main...!)
 'Hot-Smoked Salmon thyme & sweet corn muffin, sour cream & sweet corn puree'

             I think the starter lasted about 2 seconds before M and I devoured this.

Next up - who doesn't like a bit of steak?

I however, otped for my usual - burger with chips. 

I have to say, I'm really critical when it comes to ordering burgers - but this one was the full package. The slaw was a nice touch - not too much mayo (good good). Chips - chunky chips are usually not my favourite but these chips were done to perfection. Crunchy, and crispy.

Last stop - sticky toffee pudding. Ahhhhh, I can never turn down a good pud! Mental note to self...must try out the apple crumble next....

F x

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