Thursday, 15 August 2013

Reef, Beef and Bubbles (The Refinery)

Now, I love a bit of lobster. And steak. And yes, occasionally, the odd glass of bubbly.

But what really gets me excited? A good meal deal. I had heard that there was a deal that was offering, (get this...) 4oz steak, half a lobster, chips, salad AND a glass of prosecco... I grabbed my coat. 

When I heard it cost fifteen...yes. £15. Fifteen british pounds. I was out the door.

Drake and Morgan, who own a collection of stunning restaurants and bars around London, decided to host a month long of reef, beef and bubbles.

Now, you can go to any of the six restaurants, but we decided to go to The Refinery, based in the Blue Fin building near Southwark station.

First things first, we were greeted promptly by the waitress who showed us to our (very rustic) table and benches. Straight away, were offered prosecco (lovely jubbly bubbly... I have to admit, this went down FAR too easily...darn good prosecco).

Our tools were prepped and ready to go...

It was fairly busy at the beginning of the evening and it took a short while for us to wait for our food and order drinks etc.. we took the opportunity to catch up and gossip. (And pose for obligatory dinner photos, course).

 After we gulped down the prosecco, we moved onto cocktails. We drank watermelon mojitos....

Bloody Mary's (which...was, phenomenal. Seriously...go. Even if you don't want to order food, the Bloody Mary's in this place are sexy).

One thing I liked about this place was that, it had a separate floor upstairs, where you were greeted with candles, and beautiful old leather seats and sofas. Perfect for after-work drinks where you want to get away from the main part of the restaurant.

Comfy...and homey. An incredibly cosy spot for chatting the night away.

Just as our bellies were beginning to rumble, the food arrived, on cue.

Smiles all around.

Veggie M went for the vegetarian pad thai. Check out the wok it was presented in...

But the real star of the show? Was this bad boy.... 


Salivating yet? Go on.. get a closer look.

No words were needed. As soon as the plate hit the table, we all got down to it and were smacking our lips together and licking our fingers (yeah...I don't think it's possible to not get messy when you eat lobster)!

The only thing I kinda regret, was not taking more snaps of the steak! Although small, (4oz) - it was beautifully cooked (I had mine rare) and the chefs really know to cook a mean steak.

After a lot of mmm-ing and 'oh thats sooooo good', it was time to pay up, but not before the bill was presented in this book (a quirky touch), which I thought I should share.

Hey, like I said. I'm a sucker for these touches!

We chatted long into the night...apparently so late that we were (almost) the last table to leave.

If you guys want to take advantage, you can call up any of the six restaurants that are managed by Drake and Morgan, and quote that you want the 'Reef, Beef and Bubbles' deal. Be quick though as you only have until the end of August to take advantage!

We left, very merry, very full...
What came next entailed a lot of banter, West Country accents and a whole lotta slow motion walking (don't ask...).

Fab night, good company. Good food.

F x

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