Sunday, 17 November 2013


Ah, Oz. 

A long journey awaited me on Sunday (it went a little something like this: 4pm, Sunday 10th -London to Hong Kong, a stopover wait of 6, yes SIX hours, and a flight from Hong Kong to Adelaide...breathe, and finally, from Adelaide to Melbourne.)


This, is what I looked like mid journey. A sight for sore eyes.

Mum and I finally arrived in Melbourne on TUESDAY, 3pm. (Even with the 11hour time difference, that does seem like a monumental amount of time wasted eating airplane food and watching around 18 episodes of Two and a Half Men.)

Anyway... enough whining.

We arrived to a rainy and cold Melbourne. So wet and cloudy, that I didn't get any tasty photos of the first couple of days.

Ma had decided that going on a tour with around 46 other 'Hakka' oldies would be a fab idea and hey, at least there was good old Chinese banter and laughs.

Travelling with a tour group = we always stop for toilet breaks and always seem to go to fruit markets.

I digress. 

Ok - so, Melbourne. Sadly, the weather was so drab that we ended up only going as far as a beachy town called Lorne. We ended up turning back and driving all the way back to Melbs as the roads became too slippy and dangerous (we were travelling along the Great Ocean Road).

I think, this may be the only picture I have of Melbourne:

On Friday, we made our way to Sydney.

(Still cloudy though. Sigh sigh sigh.)

We lunched at the fish market and feasted upon scallops, lemon sole and huge prawns. 

(I've forgotten how much I adored scallops. Hm.)

We touched based in Bondi...

We also set off to Cabramatta for some wholesome Vietnamese cuisine.

My god... is it possible to find pho that tastes THIS good in London? 
Ok, a bit dramatic, but this was like none other - the broth? Sublime.

The real beast? Was this baby: Chao Tom.

Sugar Cane Vietnamese Shrimp.

Served with a sexy portion of salad and rice noodles and peanuts. 

I decided to pimp it up by slathering with sweet chilli sauce.

Later on, we ended up checking out the one and only:

Sydney Opera House.

We stopped. We snapped.

We were given a tour of the grand and very impressive performance spaces - there were 5 in total.

Matthew, our very happy and helpful tour guide enlightened us about SOH and the following halls/spaces that we were about to see.

The organ that you see? Is the largest mechanical action organ in the world.

This here, is the stage that is used for the ballet performances, and also is home to The Australian Ballet. 

After the walking tour, I stopped for a light refreshment. Watermelon and Ginger lolly? Yah boi!

Created by Liana Raine.

It's just a shame I didn't have enough time to try out the other flavours. (Ahem, banana, coconut and lime...I'm looking at you, you fiend.)

To finish off the day - I bought $46 dollars worth of Jelly Beans.

Because... why not? And because I totally got my currency mixed up. Fail.

Oh crap. Also forgot, a further $12 on gourmet chocolate hearts by Chocolarts.

I blame the cute guy serving me. One look and I was sold. Best salesman in the world? Possibly. 

Next stop.... Hong Kong. (I just booked a spa day at the Melo Spa at the Hyatt Regency. Ahhhh bliss!)

Until next time... 

F x


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