Friday, 6 December 2013

Hong Kong - Revisited

Hong Kong. 

 Alright alright, I’ve been to Hong Kong once already this year.

But it’s hard going with the family as you always end up doing a lot of group activities… which is all well and good but having some alone R + R time is needed sometimes.
I made no hesitation in booking myself into the Hyatt Regency and fully appreciated the Melo Spa.

I was shown to the steam and sauna rooms and jacuzzi – is where I made myself home for the morning.

Well, I may as well relax properly, right?

After a much needed steam session, I made my way up to the spa.

Come and take a look.

Ah the room… the view…

Private room, your own little hot tub, and an amazing shower that overlooks Hong Kong. (Yes, I even got excited with the little June Jacob goodies…).

Oh, goodies.

I went in for the Wellness treatment –  which consisted of a 30mins seaweed bath, I tweaked the massage part and had the Melo Signature Spa instead of the deep tissue) and to finish, the 30min scalp therapy.

After 2 hours, I can honestly say I felt more calm and collected,  and well and rested after my shoulders were worked and de-knotted (which hold far too much tension and stress).

Highly recommended – check them out – they also do other treatments such as facials, body work – which ever treatment you decide to go for, you won’t be disappointed.

After a day of pampering I was ready to hit Hong Kong town properly.

Cheng Chau Island (長洲)  

Mum told me she hadn’t visited this place since she was little, when she was 11 and went to the island with a school trip.  We hopped, skipped to Central Pier and boarded the ferry to take a 50min journey to the island.

A beautiful (albeit, touristy) place to visit – I took a few snaps.

Face off

Itchy back?

Wonton and Iced Tea
We headed back to Central after the island for a spot of retail therapy (which seemed to dominate this trip).

Decided to treat mama and got our nails did….

Later, Ma said she wanted to check out The Peak (at night, it’s a totally different vibe. You get to see Hong Kong in it’s glory).

What mother wants, mother gets…

Breathtaking. One of my favourite places to take in the sights. (And air for that matter).

Just when I thought the trip couldn’t get any better, a familiar face also found himself in the same neighbourhood.

After catching up over iced lemon tea and beef rice noodles, Isaac and I bought beers and strolled through the hustle and bustle of Central before chatting long into the night about life, Sydney vs. Melbourne whilst overlooking the harbour.

Isaac was only in HK for a couple of days and mentioned that he wanted to visit Tai O (which you will find on Lantau Island).

I’d visited Lantau Island before (to see The Big Buddha) but hadn’t even heard of this place before.

I set off bright and early (well…. 10 is early for me, ok?!) and met I at Tung Chung station to catch a rickety bus all the way to Tai O.

We had arrived.

Tai O (大澳)

'Tai O is home to the Tanka people, a community of fisher folk who’ve built their houses on stilts above the tidal flats of Lantau Island for generations. These unusual structures are interconnected, forming a tightly-knit community that literally lives on the water.' Source: Hong Kong Tourism Board.


Beer time.

Next stop: The Peak (太平山)(yes….twice in one week).

Zac wanted to see the view – I happily obliged.

We made our way to Sheung Wan station filled up on dumplings before hugging goodbye as I made his way back. An early flight back home to Brisbane awaits.

My penultimate day is a sad one.  I had dim sum with Mum and Aunty A (who I miss dearly and don’t get to see too often as she lives in the mainland)...

...before heading to Tsim Tsa Tsiu to the Avenue of Stars.

Awesome flick.

After we had early breakfast (congee and a side of cheung fun with sesame and sweet soy) we set off to the airport.

With time to burn, Mumma surprised me with a very nice gift.

What girl doesn’t like a bit of Tiffany?

Ah, thanks Mama!

One thing I love about HK? Starbucks has this: iced green tea latt

Ok, watermelon juice – check.

Compulsory eye mask – check.

All systems go.

 Ta ta, HK.

F x 


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