Monday, 3 February 2014

Afternoon Tea with Bea

Now who doesn't like a good cuppa? 

I needed a good chinwag with L and planned to have a catch up (post christmas, new year, January blues and all that), what better way to do so then over a spot of tea? (And maybe the odd cupcake...)

Place of choice? Bea's of Bloomsbury.

Ah, The Ritz may have the bling, but Bea's can certainly give you a run for your money! 

After a swift black cab journey to the Bloomsbury branch, we were ushered into our (oh so tiny seats) we were promptly shown the tea list (sadly, peppermint tea wasn't on the menu but L decided on Jasmine, and for me? Earl Grey. Oh yah.)

We chatted - we laughed... (forgive me, hunger got the better of me and no pictures of the mini baguettes - salami, ham and cheese were on offer).

'Would you like your sweets now?' Why, yes. 

 I think L was pleased!

Scones, cream, jam, brownies... in variations: white, choc AND nutty.  

Wait, it doesn't stop there.

Marshmallows (passion fruit flavour), mini meringues with raspberry, and peanut butter and red velvet cupcakes...

Sugar. Coma.

After we paid up, we moved on to Covent Garden, a short walk away. (Well, we needed to burn off some of the sugar, no?)

Alas, my reason to walk to Covent Garden was shot down when Monmouth coffee was closed. Ah..when will I get my hands on their coffee!? Another time...another time. 

Ok, I know this is about the tea and cakes, but we couldn't resist. L and I wanted something savoury to even things out. I always find it quite hard to find a decent cafe within touristy places like Covent Garden. 

We looked, we scoured around the area, then the smell of chips got me...
We turned, and both said at the same time 'what about this place?'

Ah, yes. This will do nicely! The menu offered much loved and classic dishes - unfussy and well, british. The seats and tables were cute, and I even enjoyed the fact we were right in the middle of the Arcade with the hustle and bustle.

They even had feet and seat heaters! Very toasty indeed.

Very pleased with the warm seats... ahhh.

Decisions decisions...   

I almost succumbed to the fish and chips but held back. Instead I had...rarebit and a spot of wild mushroom soup.

L had the kale and mussels (Hey, nothing wrong with a bit of mix and match).

Stomachs full and bottoms warmed, we made plans for our spa day in March before L had to make her way home.

As for me? Shopping and strolling through Long Acre. Perfect way to end the day.

F x


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