Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Hen Party

Well, the time was upon us: Mik's hen do. 

After months of V's meticulous planning (maid of honour duties!) we all gathered together in Bath, ready to celebrate M's last official day as a single gal...

We finally made our way to The Makery, where we had a crack at making....garters!

A lot of decisions needed to be made... lace... ribbon... which decorations... the choice was endless.


Decision making is hard work it seems... the cupcakes came out!

Cupcakes were made by M's future mum in law.. choc and white choc cupcakes were on offer along with some bubbles!

V brought along some Bristol blue glass...Mik's favourite, to add to her garter. A sweet touch.

Ok... here was my finished product! Cream lace with a tiffany blue ribbon (I later added tiny coral flowers!)

The crew!

A bunch of us left a little earlier to prep the next venue, the John Rennie.

We huffed and puffed... who knew balloons were such hard work?!

Baby pictures and balloons a ready...

We managed to get it all ready just in time...

Ahoy there!

After another round of bubbles, we set off down the canal.

Sipping some bub.

H and I stayed out as the sun came out to play, and as it was early June, we had to take advantage of it!

Selfie time... first of many more to come

Girlies x

Canapes to start

The best thing about being on a boat? You meet other people on other boats! This guy thought it would be rude NOT to give M a kiss on the cheek, then jumped off his boat and hopped aboard on ours!

Before making a swift exit again...

Sadly, I couldn't take a picture of M's face in time... priceless.

It seems like the ducks came out to play too!

Ah... H's dream house. One day Hols, one day.

Don't think H got the whole 'smile' thing down yet!

Ok, kiddyish and amusing but.. heart balloons turned upside down? Take one guess what they look like:

Smiles and laughs... 

Boat shot!

Ah, the trip was coming to an end, we shared memories, laughter and joked about the good times

Selfie shot no. 2

Ok ok, did I mention we were going to make our way to one of Bath's late night bars? Sub 13

I chose sensibly - it had to work from day to night... a tough feat for me!

We decided to walk as the sun was still blazing. Just look at the sky here... absolutely stunning.

Bath had never looked this pretty.

I'm afraid it all goes downhill a bit here... I only managed to get a few phone snaps here and there!

Being posey:


Well, what happens on the hen do, stays on the hen do, right? 

Ok, a tad random but, you may think I'm mad - but the next morning, hangover and tired... I went for a 10km bike ride... and survived! (To give some context, I NEVER cycle... so getting there and back in on piece made me happy... as you can see!)

I love being back home. Only a few more weeks until the big day... the countdown begins.

F x

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