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I've been burning the candles at both ends recently and desperately needed some TLC.
Maybe a little getaway, I thought? I met up with S and chatted over some lemon cheesecake and a Yoga bunny detox drink at Pret and realised I had never travelled on the Eurostar. Hm.

A plan was hatched. An hour later, two very keen and excitable girls rushed home and booked two tickets to Paris.

Ohhhhh snap. I think we are just a tiny bit happy here.

Sadly, that weekend I had been struck down with the lurgy. (Excuse the previous no make up shot.. last thing on my mind was putting make up on when I'm all coughy and sneezy.)

After a hop, skip and Eurostar away (and a tube of salt and vinegar Pringles and Halls soothers) we had arrived to a dusky Paris.

I only wish I had taken more shots of the neighbourhood - we used Airbnb and stayed in what I would like to think as the Soho of Paris. 

Stairway to heaven...(or, in reality, the 4th floor)

We had finally arrived!

To a very hip and trendy are a few pics of our digs for the weekend.

Our host Angela certainly know how to work it.

n.b spot Terry Richardson in the corner

After we had ohhhed and ahhhed, we showered, dined (thank you, Col. Sanders) and tried to get some sleep before the morning. 

So, our petit dejeuner plans didn't exactly go to plan. We grabbed a cafe au lait and a croissant and headed to the one and only:


We worked our way through the parks, turning into every gift shop we could (in a hunt to find S the perfect shotglass souvenir)

Stopped at every photo opportunity

As we were walking through the park I had noticed that the tiles of the floor had been inscribed with peoples names. Wedding anniversaries, birthdays, all of these tiles had a story to them. A cute thought.

Obligatory Disney shot

We couldn't NOT go on the rides! 

Thunder Mountain..

Held onto my phone for dear life for that shot!

Sadly, when we made our way to Space Mountain, we found it was closed for refurbishment :( 
Never the less, after a jam packed day of Disney mayhem, we ended up heading home, having a terrible meal -  I ended being served a chicken skewer kebab like thing with sweet mayo and raisins? 

The next morning, we woke up to glorious sunshine...I had the perfect dress in mind. (These shoes are from Asos - comfiest pair - I survived 9hours walking in them!)

I've had this dress since I bought it when I was 16 in H&M. Served me well for all these years!

Ah, the sky.... 

(Very proud S caught this rainbow moment!)

Can you guess where we are yet?

Le Louvre!

Sharn decided to catch some rays and read whilst I went inside Le Louvre in search of Mona Lisa. I feel slightly annoyed I didn't capture more shots of the place, but there was a lot of security looking quite stern at people with cameras, but here is a quick shot inside.

I saw these beauties whilst searching for Mona.

When I finally got to the room, of course it was jam packed full of tourists, the only decent shot I could manage was: 

Small, but perfectly formed. It was nice to go and see such a famous piece, but I would recommend getting to The Louvre early... I was lucky and walked straight in for free (if you are 26 and under, you can go for free if you are EU member... double check the website for more details.)

I resurfaced outside. Decided to take some snaps:


It was so lovely when everyone is in a cheery mood, eager to take photos and repay the favour.. S happily obliged.

...and then decided to turn the camera onto me?

A newly wed couple walking through the grounds...can you imagine getting married here? Spectacular.

We marvelled at the architecture and decided to move on... we had a lot planned that day!

We walked through the Tuileries Gardens

and decided to stop off at the Musée de l'Orangerie, where we stopped and viewed some Monet:

Paul Cézanne - Le Rocher Rouge

Marie Laurencin - Danseuses espagnoles

 Frankie Lee - Tourist

We decided to walk across the bridge and had to take a Eiffel Tower shot!

Tummies rumbling, and in need of a sit down, we headed off to this place, Lipp.

These guys know service and know how to banter. A genuine place for the locals (we were the only non french people there at the time...) Bring on the broken francais and a lot of nodding.

A little perk me up - cafe au lait

Also, when in Rome Paris, do what the Parisians do best... Escargot!

So I was slightly worried about having these... I had never tried these before but had heard they tasted, oh so good. So...we started small.

and actually... they were yum. Oh so good. Garlicky...buttery goodness. Tip: Don't waste the garlicky juice and turn the shells over to get the juice out and mop up the buttery goodness with the bread. 

So, for mains - Sharn had the salmon terrine...

And for me...fillet steak.


The butter... was insane. I decided to have mash with it instead of chips - perfect choice, if you ask me! 

Full and happy, we left Lipp and carried on strolling through the streets of Paris, aimlessly - taking in the sights wherever we went.

Did a bit of window shopping...

And we also stopped off outside the Musee D'orsay and had the most amazing crepe ever. Banana and nutella is now my favourite combination of flavours.

This is a happy face!

We realised that we were close to Notre Dame, we decided to take a detour and get snap happy.

Oh, and of course, we had to visit:

Ok - so we had one more thing to visit - to top off our tourist agenda.

L'Arc de Triomphe

We decided to walk a little further to Rue de Faubourg and took a shortcut through the park...

After hitting Louboutin, we caught the Metro to do a spot of retail therapy more locally (in Kookai, to be exact)

S shopped. I took some time out on the sofa and read French Glamour.

So we went home and planned for a cat nap. Obviously didn't go to plan... instead, we practiced our best Parisian pose...


Ah, the night was still young...

We promptly changed into our glad rags and took a compulsory selfie before heading to the one and only...

Earlier on in the evening we bumped into some partygoers who told us to join them at an Irish pub. 

S was in the mood for some banter - we caught up with them after Hotel Costes and had a cracking (and albeit, random evening!)

S chatting with new found friends (I can't remember much after this, apart from our struggle to hail down a cab home and a lot of chatter and drunken behaviour when we got back to the flat).

Sunday morning. 8am. Still feeling a bit poorly and definitely feeling very rough at this point from 1 hour sleep - earlier in the day I said I needed to pick up some foodie bits. I wanted to pick up some cheese and wine goodies from Rue Montorgueil, the place to go for cheese, apparently.

The hangover was kicking into place and all I could manage was a block of camembert before taking myself back to the flat for a small snooze before re-waking to pack up to head home to London.

S and I were, struggling a bit at this point, to say the least - hunger and hangover is the worst combination.

Angela (our host) had given me the heads up that Cafe Madam was the place to visit should we wanted a good brekkie.

No excuses not to visit!

Wow. This place...

Eggs...muffins..toast.. everything was up on offer. We ordered...everything!?

Eggs. Hollandaise. Cafe au lait. Granola.

The works.

Freshly squeezed juice

We chatted and shared about our favourite moments of the trip, vowing to return as soon as possible. 

Sad faces:

Sums up our journey back into a wet and windy and grey England.
 Quel surprise!

Ah Paris... we ate, we drank, we saw, and we loved.

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois.

F x


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