Monday, 19 January 2015

Thailand - Part 3

Awaking from our (still jetlagged) slumber, this time, we made it to breakfast with ample time, and had our eggs (runny) and pancakes (yummy) and crossed the bridge to plonked down to our loungers, spritzed on the SPF 30 (no to being lobster red) and wanted to catch our first proper rays of sun...

Infinity pool

Dipped a toe.

The pool was the perfect place to relax, unwind...

...and making waves! 

We couldn't resist mucking about with the GoPro, and thought I'd share these snaps:

After splashing about, we retreated to our loungers, ordered frozen watermelon margaritas and dug into our reading choices. Both of us were hooked on Gillian Flynn - Lou with Gone Girl, and I - Sharp Objects (which was nothing how I expected.. very dark!)

Oh, did I mention that Rawi Warin had it's own beach?

Practically deserted, we sat down on the sand, appreciating the simple things. Rarely do I get time off to reflect on things. In this case, relax, feel the sun on my skin, and really appreciate spending time with Lou.

When we were younger, we spent most of our summers together, and as we have grown up, and life, jobs and routine get in the way, it's still endearing to know we still make time to see each other and spend time with each other and having a laugh - just the way we did when we were kids. (Even on a beach, 10'000kms away from home!)

Hermit crab - quite peculiar watching them scuttle on the sand.

Lou and the sky.

Lou wanted a cat nap so we headed back up to the room, took a few minutes to take in the sunset - I don't think I could ever get bored of sunsets? 

We wanted to venture out of the resort, that night. We were picked up by a local restaurant (they offered a free pick up service!) in a songthaew, and off we went! 

We drove further, the street lamps were now far and few, until finally, pitch black.

We arrived to the restaurant and were guided to our seats and found ourselves surrounded by nothing but the lights of fishing boats. (Or at least, that's what me and Lou thought they were...drop me a comment if you know what they are!)

The oddest thing about Thai weather? On one side, it could be crystal clear.

And on the other?

Lightning! (No thunder though) 

Whilst treated to this spectacular (and accidental light show) we tucked into Lou's favourite, spring rolls with satay sauce.

I tried the massaman curry...

...and we shared the chicken and cashew nut - just looking at these pics makes my stomach rumble!

Lastly, I know this seems like an odd photo to share but, the crisp blue design caught my eye and wanted to take a quick snap.

I think it was safe to say, we walked away happy and full, ready to be taken back to Rawi. 

On the drive back, I looked up at the sky, (still lightning on one side, and crystal clear on the other) I noticed that this was the first time I could see that the sky was littered with stars. Orion's belt, the Big name it. 

Words can't express how truly warming it was to see the night sky like this, being in the city, I never get the chance to see stars, not like this.  The lightning just added to this, lighting up the entire sky at every strike.

Tonight made up for it. The stars, the lightning, the wind in my hair,  whilst listening to nothing but the chirping in the grass. I won't forget this in a while.

F x


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