Friday, 2 January 2015

Thailand - Part 1 (Rawi Warin)

The last time I remembered having a decent tan? I think was when I was 17.

I had been lucky enough to visit Hong Kong and Australia last year, but the weather didn't hold up to it's end of the bargain as all I got was rain, wind and clouds. Boo.

I was in dire need of some sun rays and vitamin D.

Lou and I talked about a girly cousin trip away somewhere and we both agreed we wanted sun, sand and some surf -  our first choice? 


L was making her way from Suffolk,  she picked me up (as well as helping me pack as I had left everything to the last minute), and two excited girls were on their way to London Heathrow (N.B  - never ever attempt to drive to Heathrow during rush hour).

Checked in - seatbelts fastened, and we' were off!

Here is us - on the second flight (we stopped off at Dubai first).

Lou spotted the moon looking exceptionally bright outside our window...

Me attempting to get comfy whist watching Two and a Half Men.

Noodle snack time!

I wish I could tell you that the journey to Phuket (we were staying here for one night before heading to Koh Lanta island in the morning) went smoothly, but in reality? The journey went something like this:

  • Two 7 hour flights (with a 3 hour stopover wait in Dubai).
  • Landing late at night, having to take a dodgy taxi ride from airport (after the hotel we were staying at, failed to pick us up).
  • Receiving awful service from said hotel the next morning.
  • Getting to the pier (which was an hour drive away from the hotel).
  • Enduring a 3 hour ferry trip to get to Koh Lanta.
  • Realising we had to get off and switch to a differrent ferry when we arrived on Phi Phi island to get to Koh Lanta.
  • Being told in the last minute that we needed to find our luggage and take it with us.
  • Finding our luggage...crushed under 20 other bags.
  • Having to haul our suitcases with us.

The last point doesn't sound that bad - but, considering that the ferry has paralleled parked next to four other boats, the only way onto the pier was to bring our bags with us, and go up and down a gazillion steps to get through the other four boats. (Silly us. Next time? Backpacking rucksacks will be a must).

Well, silver lining - arms got a good workout, eh?

We got picked up at Saladan Pier by our driver, and made our way to home for the next few days - Rawi Warin.

All was well.

We checked in, got given fresh towelettes (cold) and lemongrass tea (even colder, but had a peculiar taste) to refresh us, got put on a golf buggy, and was given the royal tour. (I'll show you guys later!)

Our first snap - on the golf buggy being taken up the top of the hill up to our room. (Very jet-lagged and tired at this point).

It didn't take long to settle in though...

Ah, the bathroom had it's own range of goodies...

We felt like we hadn't eaten a proper meal since we left the UK (I was very a bit hungover from the night before we flew so didn't eat much on the plane), so we freshened up, made our way to the hotel restaurant The Watermark (which, no word of a lie, took us about 20 minutes to find as it was dark and we got lost within the resort - this place is huge!).

When we arrived, we were seated and got down to business.

First, a favourite of mine: Watermelon Juice.

Utterly refreshing.

We had... a lot.

Beef pad thai. This, was one of the favourites of the night. The pad thai was inside this egg casing - the first time I had seen pad thai like this.

Drop me a comment if you know of any London restaurants that make pad thai like this?

Vegetable spring rolls with chilli dipping sauce.

Now these...were epic. Scallops. Succulent, and perfect.

Chicken satay skewers.

When in Thailand... Thai green curry

Sadly, the green curry beat the both of us. We had overeaten and also couldn't handle the heat of this!

The skies were beginning to roll with thunder (as it was a bit stormy and it was rainy season when we visited) so we decided to head back to the room.

Before taking a few snaps of us in our new home!

No light pollution whatsoever. Look at the moon!

Our home...

We chilled for the rest of the evening - Lou watched the latest episode of Scandal and me? I got my gossip fix whilst unwinding...

After a long day, this was exactly what I needed. Yup. far, so good.

More storytelling to come in my next post.

F x


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