Friday, 20 February 2015

Me time

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Sometimes we all need a bit of time to ourselves, some chicken soup for the soul.

We all get bogged down from the daily grind of work, life, partners, social life etc. Sometimes we forget to look after no. 1 - yourself.

The past few weeks I've been ill (twice?!), went to Paris for a fleeting weekend trip, travelled home to see the family, work has been extremely busy, combined with a lot of late nights, boozing and eating far too much (my gym membership is sadly underused and when you keep getting 'we miss you' emails from them, it's never a positive sign). I was definitely burning the candles at both ends.

When the new year began I told myself 'Ok, right, I'm gonna have at least 3 'me' nights where I just do things for me'.

It's only the 20th February and I'm beginning to slip back into my old ways. 

So, as I have the majority of the upcoming weekend free, I realised it was the perfect time to just, chill. Relax, and unwind a bit.

Here are a few things I'm planning to get up to over the next few days, just because they make me happy.

  • Columbia Flower Market
    I love this place as it was one of the first 'London things' I went to see when I first moved here. This place is flower mecca. An impressive range of flowers can be found here, at dirt cheap prices. The perfect place to stroll through and pick up a bunch of peonies. You can also head to The Royal Oak (you may spot a celeb or two), or listen to the buskers whilst sipping a flat white. However, be warned - I'd recommend going can get very busy! (Also, I thought I should mention that it's only open on Sundays!)
  • Frame Studio
    I used to come for the music video classics class religiously. (Imagine, routines to Whitney, Britney, Backstreet Boys...amaze.) Now that I've moved out of East London, I try to come here as much as I can to take part in my favourite classes: Body by Frame (you will sweat. No lie. Bring extra water). Open Music Video (Best routine was to I'm a Slave 4 U. Yahhh). If you hate going to the gym like me, this is the perfect way to get fit, have some fun without even feel like you are working out. Check out the timetable for more info on their classes.
  • Barbour & Parlour
    Ok - this one doesn't quite count as inner goodness, but you gotta look good and feel good at the same time right? Well. Any excuse to pamper. I hardy ever do anything to my hair and I've been eyeing up fringes recently. (That's bangs, for you Americans!) It'll be my first time at this place so I'm excited.
  • Shoreditch House
    A good natter and seeing old friends has to be on the top of my list when it comes to feeling good. Holly and her fiance are coming to visit, so we will be doing what we do best - having a laugh over a cocktail or two at Shoreditch House.
  • L.A. Noire
    I love video games. If I could turn back time to 1998, and stay there? #life. That was when I got well and truly hooked to games like Tekken, Tomb Raider, Abe's Oddysey. Playstation has a lot to answer for. L.A. Noire is a great game - it came out a while ago but meh. Still good. L.A. Noire + Tea + 3 hours  = perfect.  

To top things off, I'm also going to be reading the latest trashy mags, watching BBC 2's Death in Paradise on BBC Iplayer and catching up on the latest episode of Better Call Saul whilst nursing a few slices of lemon drizzle cake. (The gym will have to wait another day...)

The perfect way to relax, if you ask me!

What are you guys getting up to this weekend? x

F x


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