Monday, 16 February 2015

Thailand - Part 4 (Phuket)

Now where was I? Ah yes, the last of my Thailand pictures (sorry for the delay, things got bit hectic and I was away in Paris last week, but I'll get to that later...)

We packed up, said our goodbyes to Rawi Warin and Koh Lanta, hopped on our last ferry journey back to Phuket (phew...) and arrived at Sala, based in North Phuket.

After we checked in and sipped our chilled lemongrass tea, we were shown to our villa.

Did I mention we had an outdoor bathtub...?!

We had a quick dip in our pool before making a trip to the private beach to take a look at the sun...

Before heading out locally to find some good grub.

Ok, so after this picture was taken - cue a very allergic reaction to the shrimp cakes (which, was sadly ironic as L is severely allergic to shellfish whereas I'm normally a-ok.)

Picture this. Itchy throat, blotchy face and my skin was getting all itchy and hivey (grim, I know) I dug my hand into my beach bag to realise that my anti-histamines were back in the villa. And THIS had to be the one night I didn't pack them with my bag. Typical.

Just as this happened, the sky rumbled... once, then twice, then the heavens opened.

Dashing back into the shack, we were now stuck. We had two choices - wait the storm out, or run back. I'd also like to add that, there weren't any lights leading back to the villa so that added a bit more flavour to the situation.

We went for option B. Soaked to the bone, we got back to the villa realising we were covered in mud (we went through a knee deep mud puddle) from head to toe.

Only after I had my 2 Piritons and had the longest shower of my life that we could laugh about it. Well, definitely one story to remember eh?

Next morning we went for some brekkie:

Every spread you could imagine having? Yep. They had it!

Of course, everyone needs a bit of breakfast cake!

Bloody Marys anyone?

Ah, now this baby - pulled pork with poached eggs.

I have to admit, was perhaps a tad too rich - but utterly decadent.

As ladies of leisure, we decided to make a trip to the spa and treated ourselves.

Lou went for a body scrub, whilst I had a facial.

Having a quick post treatment nibble...(banana chips and tea!)

Ah, I haven't even showed you the food! Here is the post treatment drink of choice - iced latte.

Followed up with some chicken wings... scallops (in coconut milk)

Pulled Pork bap

Chicken satay skewers

And here are a few snaps of the grounds...

They had danging chairs! I did what every normal adult would...

I couldn't help myself...!

After our lovely stay at Sala - we decided to move onto our next abode - the oh so luxe Sri Panwa.

Our complimentary eye mask and towel...

Isn't this bench gorgeous?

Ah... the minibar. (Free!)

But this was our favourite bit: Private infinity pool.

After our pool selfies (sorry, we had to!) we made our way to the main restaurant and had ourselves a feast.


Spring rolls, massaman curry, sticky soy pork belly.

Ok. The last one was an odd one. Sticky rice... with mango and coconut? It was an odd taste even though the presentation wasn't 100%. Either way, one thing to cross of my list of must trys!


 We stopped for a game of pool. (They have a games room!)

And decided to have a wander to the bar...

Incredibly beautiful seating areas were integrated into the design, surrounded by water. Dream.

In the morning we awoke to rumbly tummies and helped ourselves to a spot of sustenance.


Pastries.... or perhaps some noodles?

With dumplings? Veggies? Take your pick!

Remember last night's bar? Here is what it looks like in the day:

More tea.

We settled for a fry up and some freshly poached eggs.

We booked a temple tour - turned out we had a private tour and our own tour guide! Dov (who was also our driver) led us to the first stop.

Coconut water and meatball sticks were a-plenty.

We watched the monks chant.

Before making our way inside.

Having a snooze...

After the first temple, we hopped into the van and drove to our next stop.. but it turned out the next temple was on a remote island, and we had to take a longboat to get there. Which would normally be fine, but the sea was particularly rough today...

Poor Lou. That's the look of pure fear!

I was optimistic that the journey wouldn't be that rough... after what felt like a year, we finally arrived (soaked to the bone from the waves) to an island so small, that only a local monks lived there.

The little boy is called Chian-Li, who is the son of our longboat driver - he was more than happy to join us on our journey to the island!

Dov and Chian-Li striking a pose.

The sun was beginning to set and we knew we had to make our way back to the main island. the sea had become considerably a lot calmer, so we sat back and took in the sights.

Newlyweds taking a picture on our boat!

When we were safely on dry land, we went back to Sri Panwa to try out the 'Cool' bar...

For a spot of refreshments

...and a bit of sushi for me!

Tempura vegetables and cucumber maki rolls for L.

Ah but of course, some more red thai curry.

Finished off with some meringue and sorbet...
We ordered more drinks and made our way outside.

The next day, we decided to finish off our books off and top our tans before heading back to London :(

Me and the GoPro, on the Sri Panwa ocean platform - it's a platform which leads out into the sea so you can take epic photos!

Of course, we went for a dip in the oh so gorgeous pool...

Before heading to the rooftop bar - the piece de resistance.

Just look at this...

Prawn ceviche...

By far the most beautiful resort I've stayed in. How soon can I come back?

F x



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