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Bonjour Paris!

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Bonjour, mes amis!

A few weeks ago, I surprised the boy with a weekend trip to Paris - with the promise of wine, pain au chocolat and of course, cheese!

I rocked up at St. Pancras after work to find C waiting, with Lola Cupcakes (lemon, if you were wondering) as a starter to what was going to be a very delayed dinner.

We arrived in Paris late and freezing. (Not even kidding, Paris managed to be even colder than London that weekend.) We were pretty famished at this point but managed to find the restaurant where our Airbnb host had left his keys. Les Amis des Messina.

Which turned out to be very tasty, indeed.

Here is the menu:

We were in Paris, proper. The waiters were ever so lovely but hardly spoke english, and us, not being able to speak french, managed to rustle up some grub after some pointing and wild gesturing. (Note to self: must get back on the Duolingo.)

I suggested wine. Lots and lots of wine.

Mushroom pasta for me.

...yep. That's three blocks of parmesan with honey.

Well, when in France, right?

We settled into our flat a little too easy.

Whacked on an episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks before catching some kip. 

The next morning? I was struck down :( 

With the most nastiest cold. You know, the kind where your throat, nose, head is hurting, all at once?
 I force fed myself some Lemsip (Luckily I brought some with me as I always have a tendency to get sick when I travel) and wrapped up warm and we decided to make the most of the day and made our way (slowly, as I was dizzy as hell) to the Palace of Versailles.

With no queues, we made our way inside to have a gander...

Having a snoop.

This, was the wallpaper in one of the rooms. Opulent and elaborate, don't you agree?

The chapel was incredible.

We slowly made our way through the palace (this place was huge, it takes a while to get through the place!)....and finally made it to the Hall of Mirrors.

Sadly, my head wasn't up to it - drugged up but still feeling very weak and poorly, we decided to head back into central Paris to grab some supper.

Just around the corner from the apartment, was some cute restaurant we decided to try out. Le Boui Boui.

We ordered the camembert to start with, with quince. My favourite kind of starter.

Hm, now, I love a good bangers and mash. I love the wine, their cheese, the pastries... but when it comes to main dishes? I do slightly think they could work on presentation a tad more.

Yes, that was mash potato. But like, totally loaded with cheese!  More like a cheesy mash hybrid.

I had the monkfish with rice..

And this... was desert.

Ahem. Salted caramel chocolate...thing. I have to admit, this was awful, sadly.

In the morning, feeling a little bit healthier and normal, we pulled ourselves out of bed and visited one of my favourite breakfast spots, Cafe Madam for some eggs and coffee.

After, we headed out to the Pompidou centre. I have to admit, C knew his way around more than I did and ended up taking me to a lot of places and showing me things.

Being a poser.

I'm not artsy as such, but I do appreciate it and question it when I can.

Here were a few things I managed to snap.

A sound proof room. It was...weird. When you spoke, your voice was all, contained and it was too silent.

On the upper level, was the Jeff Koons exhibition.

Afterwards, C asked me if I had ever been to Montmartre. 'Hm,' Was my response. We caught the Metro to the old part of town. Montmartre, home of The Moulin Rouge, Cafe des Deux Moulins (from Amélie), and the famous Basilica of Sacre-Coeur.



The beautiful view of Paris when we sat down on the steps outside Sacre-Coeur.

After it started getting dark, we jumped on the Metro, and went to one of the burger joints called Big Fernand (the joint was so so packed - I didn't wish to take photos of my burger as I was already sat on someone else's lap.)

Big Fernand have also opened up in London. Truth be told - burgers were, so-so. I much prefer our joints here in London. I'm still craving Patty & Bun.

Now, no judging, but we fancied some more meat and cheese (and wine) after our burger feast.

Wahhhh. Excuse my no make up face. A day of lemsip and paracetamol = I don't give a rat's arse what I look like. As long as I was upright and able to drink wine!

More prosciutto and parmesan and bread... gotta mop up the honey somehow!

Sadly, our trip was coming to an end, as we packed up early the next morning - but not before we stopped off for some pastries and some cheese to bring back home though. Loooooook...

Afterwards, we hauled our goodies, onto the train and had a snooze...before we knew it, we had arrived.

Until next time, Paris x



  1. Beautiful photos of Paris. I just got back a few weeks ago from visiting and now I'm really missing it. Great post! :)

  2. Thank you :) Isn't Paris incredible? xxx


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