Thursday, 19 March 2015

Channel 4: As If

Right, sometimes I stumble across weird stuff and feel the need to share.

I remember back in the day (2001 to be exact), I used to love this show that used to be on Channel 4. It was called 'As If'. It had a group of friends, based in London, dealing with issues that young people come across with. Every episode focussed on one character, and shot in the character's point of view.

Ah, and also - every episode had wicked tunes. Not even kidding. Just check out my favourite episode below: Within the first few minutes you get Touch and Go - Would you go to bed with me (as the title theme), and George Michael - Fast Love. My ultimate favourite cheese/sleaze song.

This was my 90s/00's jam.

I came across this whilst I was googling Jemima Rooper and suddenly had a thought: ' Hm, what happened to that old Channel 4 show...' and after a few searches on good old Google and Youtube, here we are.

This episode below, focusses on Rooper's character, Nicki. She's a bit of a flirt, she see's someone on the street that she fancies.. and goes to dinner with him and...well, I'll let you find out for yourselves.

Enjoy! x

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