Friday, 27 March 2015

Wales: Barry Island

Wales. The land of daffodils, sheep and...Welsh cakes.
Every few months or so, the gang and I meet up to catch up on life, gossip and boy talk.

Sadly, after uni finished, we packed up our shot glasses, drank the remains of the J├Ągermeister, crammed the last of our stuff into our cars, and went our seperate ways to our corners of the UK, so we can't see each other as often as we would like.

But, when we do, it's as if we were still back at No. 55 (our house back in Bristol), cotching in front of Jeremy Kyle (secret guilty pleasure!)

This time - we went to visit L in Wales. (If we are being really specific, Pontypool.) The girls and I have a bad habit of screeching out Pontypooooooool everytime we see anything Welsh related comes into conversation. Seeing as we were actually in Wales, you can imagine the frequency of our outbursts and just how much we maybe definitely annoyed the locals...

After a three hour drive from Surrey, a very tired LP and I arrived in Pontypool (unfashionably late) and we were ushered into the house to warm up with a brew.

Ok, so we may have stayed up a little too late chatting away that night, and may have crashed at around 3am.

In the morning, Liz suggested we head over to Barry Island for some sun (we checked the weather, and it was on our side) and some fish and chips by the sea.

And some gravy, coz that's my thing.

I'm a bad pics of the grub. But, take my word for it - the chips were good. No lie. I had cheesy chips with gravy and it's filthy, and I don't even give a damn. This was my post piss up choice of dish back in uni, so in a weird way, this was an homage to the good old days, right? I did however get a snap of this little blip of nostalgia:

We used to get these pop drinks called...Panda Pops(?) in our tuck shop at school (definitely would not go down well now, having a tuck shop in high/secondary school!)

After our grub we made our way onto the beach for a stroll.

.... and a pose.  

Marking our territory...

The Lasses.

Liz told me how she used to love coming here as a kid and how there used to be market stalls which are now sadly long gone. She also mentioned how awesome the log flume was, but like the market stalls, is now out of action. Sad face.

The girls put my fitness regime to shame when I see them - even when we are having a relaxing day... they still end up finding a way to work out!


After Lau rescued a boy who got stuck on the wall and couldn't get back down. (this is why I don't climb, hellllls no) we walked back so I could take a snap of these huts. The colour... <3

...and managed to get this sweet pic of an elderly couple on their afternoon walk.

We stopped off for a game of SEGA racing (even stepping into the arcade it feels like you've stepped back in time, the latest game here is from 1999.)

Even though we have all grown up a bit over the last few years, it's nice knowing that no matter what happens or how far apart we are from each other, we're always there for each other. (A tiny bit sappy, but true). Honestly? Friendship doesn't come much better than this.



  1. LOVE your posts dear so fun and full of life:) I hope you had a great weekend

    Check out my new post, cute Swedish summer houses :)

    Have a FAB week dear

    LOVE Maria Inredning - it's Swedish for decor

    1. Will do, some of your photos look amazing! Frankie x


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