Friday, 17 April 2015

South Africa

I think I'm way overdue with these images, but, better late than never! This is me, visiting South Africa back in December. This giraffe encounter whilst riding horseback was epic.
A bunch of us went to stay at M's holiday home in Mabalingwe, a nature reserve near Bela Bela. A chance to see The Big 5? Hell yeah I was game!

Although... I was already warned that there would be lots and lots of bugs. Hm. *Deet at the ready*

Our journey from Heathrow was a long and stressed one, with a stopover in Frankfurt before catching the second plane to Johannesburg. Bleh. So long.)
I'm afraid this post is going to be a bit picture heavy! 

Here were a few snaps... 

A horrible selfie...but look at how cool the giraffe is!?

Met new friends...

Say hello to Miley and McGiver!

 Having a play (they play rough!)


They may have got a bit too friendly when Miley attempted to piggy back and bite my head and had to be pulled off!

...casually munching on my leg. 

At least you know if you end up in a lion's den, you'll be safe as I'll be the first to be eaten :(

But how can you not forgive this face, eh?
We also went for a night time safari. Yeah...I probably wouldn't suggest this? We didn't see anything, and instead, we had two straight hours of bugs flying into our faces and generally getting freaked out everytime something buzzed in our ears.
The safari tour guide even took pity on us and showed us this chameleon she spotted!

We headed to Cape Town after Mabalingwe, eager to explore a new city...
Once we stopped off in our new digs and became acquainted with the house kitty...

Had the most incredible french toast with bacon and maple syrup...
Before taking a walk to our local beach

This was taken a few seconds before the freezing Atlantic ocean hit me!
One thing we had to do was visit the local vineyard. South Africa has some of the best wines and we didn't hesitate when M suggested going to a wine tasting.

Took our seats...

...and got stuck in with a selection of whites and reds...

but the most impressive thing about the place? Look how clear and blue the sky is...

After the winery, we decided to go to the botanical garden on Table Top Mountain. 

Stunning...the pictures can't even explain how amazing it looked - the clouds that surrounded Table Top, the energy of the place was incredible.

I only managed to stay in Cape Town for a few days before heading back to London, but it was a truly unforgettable visit...

F x

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