Tuesday, 5 May 2015

15 signs you grew up in Bristol

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  • You spent your nappy nights in 'The Works' - it's been renamed to Syndicate, for all you younger revellers.
  • You made your way out to town with the other sixth formers to Mandrake (now Basement 45) and sweated it out to Pussycat Dolls' Don't Cha whilst avoiding the sweaty walls.
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  • You wondered how you could get your hands on some Exhibition Cider.
  • Everyone took the piss if you supported Rovers. (One for the South Bristol lot)
  • The Galleries was THE place to be.

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  • ...because Cribbs was just so so so far.
  • ...and because it was the best place to meet up with your mates on a Saturday, cruise and buy the latest hair grip from Claire's Accessories.
  • Remember when 96.3FM was GWR? Yeah...I miss that, too. 
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  • When Virgin Megastore was still epic and you'd come in and listen to albums on the speaker pods and spend your pocket money on the latest Britney/Aqua/Spice Girl single.
  • When Oceana seemed like, the best thing to open up. Somewhere that had an ice room AND a disco dancefloor?!(Disclaimer: My taste in clubs have changed since I was 18!).
  • You spent your last day of Year 11 with the rest of the year, getting pissed on WKDs and Barcardi Breezers in the park.
  • A day out with the fam meant trekking it down the M5 to Weston-Super-Mud, I mean... Mare.
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  • You remember when the old bit of The Galleries was proper minging, you know where Blue Star was?
  • You'd overfill your bag with pic n mix from Woolies.
  • You realised that you were a true Bristolian when you mention 'daps' and no-one has a clue what you're on about.


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