Wednesday, 8 July 2015

New York, New York

New York, the city that never sleeps.

Just a hop, skip and a plane ride away! When Sharn and I came back from our Paris trip, we were sad and suffering from our post-holiday blues.

There was only one surefire way to cure this...

New York baby!

So, just to give a rundown - I met S nice and early (I had to wake up in Angel around 6am...which is far too early for my liking.) Armed with a coffee and the latest Vogue, we were ready. No napping required of course (as we were kinda flying back in time, really!) We hopped into a cab to our abode for the next 5 days.


Manhattan always gets a lot of the limelight but Brooklyn is where it's at. Not really feeling the plane food, we saved our appetites for when we arrived. We didn't have to look far! The Bedford was our first stop.

Cocktails O clock starts at 4pm right?!

We shared the risotto balls with artichoke, lemon aioli and chimichurri

Don't judge me as it's not a lavish meal but.. I really fancied some tomato soup and a sandwich... (I didn't even get to snap a pic of the soup, but rest assured - the best tomato soup I've had in a while!)



Cilantro and jalapeno margarita...

...and S opted for the Kale caesar salad (which was a bit 'tart', apparently!)

Full and happy, we walked the five minutes to our new digs, and let me tell you, the view on the terrace didn't disappoint...

We decided to chill for a while and checked out our new neighbourhood before getting dressed and heading out for some dinner at Cubana Social.

(Sorry for the photo quality, I forgot the snapper!)
Starting with Tostone Tacos with plaintain shells and the catch of the day and aioli.

Right, this looks like a mish mash, but trust me, you need to wrap your lips around this.

Pollo a la plancha, with brown rice and avocado, and a sexy jalapeno and cilantro (that's coriander to us Brits) puree...

I always always choose red meat or fish over chicken, but I was utterly blown away by this. The chicken was succulent - utterly delish. One to try and replicate at home...

Washed down by a cold brew...

Happy and full, we slowly walked back, taking in the neighbourhood, excited for our adventures for the next few days in NYC.

The next morning, we had breakfast (creamy scrambled eggs on rye bread), and made our way to have a look at what Central Park Zoo had to offer...

Red Panda buddy!

Otters came out to play...

Before taking a stroll through Central Park

The sun was on our side...

We walked underneath a bridge and came across this beautiful tiling and had to take a snap

We took in the sights...

When in NY...

It was getting a tad hot, and we were getting a bit peckish. Straight back on the L line, back to Williamsburg, we eyed up Anna Maria Pizza (they don't have a website, just rock up), for a quick pick me up - I had the pesto slice.

Simple. No frills. Massive portions. A happy Fran.

We walked back, admiring the creative vibe Williamsburg had to offer.

I left Sharn back at the apartment to have some me time - and because my nails were looking a bit sorry, so headed over to Primp & Polish for a pamper session.

It's the first time I've ever had Shellac, and I am now a convert... when I got back to London I think I managed about 3 weeks without chipping!

We got back, and decided to try out the cinema room... (it doesn't look that big, wish I could have shown you the scale of it!)

We planned what we wanted to do the next day... now, I hate looking like a newbie tourist when I'm visiting a new city - but there was one thing I missed out on the last time I visited, The Sex and The City tour.

We had an early start, catching the L downtown, and made our way to the coach, stopping by for a snap along the way!

Our agenda for the day:


We went to all the spots... West Village

S bought a little keepsake when we visited the sex shop where Charlotte bought the infamous 'Rabbit'.

We also went to Buddakan, where Carrie and Big had their engagement party...

This is the table where they looked down to see everyone cheering them...

Me having some fun with the lighting...

Heidi plaits.

Me on Bleeker.

This is the famous street where Carrie lives! Sadly, the brownstone and the entrance was cordoned off as the house next to it was being renovated.

The blossoms and brownstones make a fab picture, right?

We went along Bleeker for a stroll...

Before stopping for a little treat!

After our cupcake treat, the next stop was Scout, Aidan's famous bar... although, in real life, it's actually called O'Nieals for a cheeky cosmopolitan.

After the tour finished we rocked up on Times Square for a obligatory shot...

Later on that evening, our last night in NYC meant one thing: Miss Lily's

Cod fish fritters are a must!

Before dancing to the early morning back in Brooklyn... a short but fleeting visit, but there's more to come!

F x


  1. Your pictures look amazing! I visited NYC last year & it is such a stunning place.

    Eve xo

  2. Thank you Eve! You can never get tired of NYC! x


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