Tuesday, 4 August 2015


'Welcome to Miami, Buenvenidos a Miami!'
We left New York in a flash, waving goodbye to Dean and Alex who let us stay with them, we were keen to make our way through to our next destination...

Now, all I can remember from us landing, quick change and then falling into Radio Bar, and taking this terrible drunk selfie:

Drinks were drunk (I vaguely remember being shocked at the amount of gin they poured into the glass, even more so when the bartender said $48. *choke on cornflakes* er... Pardon?!)

I wish there was more order to the snaps, but here we go.

Miami Beach.


Beach Selfie.

Happy happy.

Right, this is a very bad shot,  but Sushisamba was gooooood. Also - er...purple mash!?

Ah lighting lighting.


Flowers blooming whilst walking on South Beach.

Foliage shot.

Skipping on the rainbowwww!

We couldn't help ourselves, more sushi....

Tacos..... before the heavens opened!

Ah, we stopped off for a quick drink....with friendly locals.

...and partied with Sass Barbie. 

Apologies for the quick change to night shots - we had a very unappealing meal at TGI Fridays, and I'm not sure the burger deserved a snap. Anyhoo, Mango's was a treat - Salsa dancing and margaritas!

Don't worry, there was plenty there for the girls too...

S caught the eye of a older gentleman who told her him and his buddies sailed in that day on his yacht. Feeling slightly icky, we quickly made a swift exit to The Clevelander.

We got chatting to two Danes and an American, who had decided to stay out for the night to party and then headed straight to Miami airport after our chat. Hardcore...!  After they left, we posed for a couple.

Next morning we packed up, checked out and had the most adventurous day, shall we say...

Bus tour - always a great way to see the city right? Unless it turns out the city was hosting a marathon so the bus tour had to be cut short and it's weather took a turn for the worst...

My special 'omg rainnnnnn' face.

We braved it out, laughed along with the tour guide who stayed at top deck with us whilst we battled with the rain...

↑ Seriously, I wasn't kidding. :|

We still managed to crack a smile though, at least it's one to tell the grandkids?

After we got dropped up, we realised we still had to walk back to the flat to pick up our bags :( meaning we were wading through the lovely water all the way back home before heading to the airport. Sans shower.

At least my new toy fat Spidey kept my spirits high in Miami airport (this, I'd like to point out was taken 1 minute before I realised I'd left my Mac in Victoria's Secret, which was on the other side of the terminal. I don't think I have ever ran that fast to make sure I'd made the gate!)

Even though the trip was eventful, we made the best memories and most importantly, laughed until we cried... in more ways than one! Bring on the next S & F trip...

F x

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