Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Summer Snapshot

I take snapshots. Too many in fact. 

My poor iPhone struggles and almost every couple of weeks or so the dreaded 'Storage Almost Full' notification comes up on my screen. That's when I'm forced to offload all of my snaps onto my hard drive and that's when I go in and take a look at some of the shots I've forgotten about. Which, is kinda nice really. So, here are just a few of my favourites over the past couple of months so far...

A lone flat white at Shoreditch Grind whilst waiting for Vicky.

Visiting Jess and Cambridge Uni....and her taking us punting!

Getting our pose on!

I moved into my new flat too - of course that meant new home warming presents

Having an animated giggle with Loz and Emma

Taken for dinner at Aquashard with C - yeah...I kinda misjudged the angle a little...

Looking thoughtful

The Mad Hatter party at work...

Exercising my maid of honour duties by decorating the church....

Stopping off for a snap in London Zoo...

Birthday cake for me...

...and here were a couple of birthday presents... who said colouring books were for young 'uns?

The most sweetest tea pot that was gifted to me

and last but not least, the Lennon Wall in Prague.

...and there's plenty more where they came from...!

F x

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