Monday, 17 August 2015


 I love a good wedding.

Especially when the wedding in question is for one of your oldest and closest friends. When I found out Holly was getting married, I was watching The Great Gatsby at the Tricycle in Kilburn, and remember frantically texting our group of friends with a 'OMFGGGG!!!'.  I was already thinking about what kind of fascinator to wear for the day, until H asked me to be her maid of honour! At least I didn't have to worry about what outfit to wear!

After two years in the planning, the day was upon us.


The day before the wedding, we all gathered to Holly's house to do the final touches. (Flower arrangement, and all that!) We walked down to the church and made our mark.

Now on the actual wedding day itself, we were all instructed to be at the house, promptly by 7am for prep.

Imagine the scene,  radio pumping in the background (Craid David and So Solid Crew played), the bridesmaids were all on rotation, always one in make up, one in hair (we all stuck to a tight schedule), we had a breakfast spread going (I had my first ever idea these even existed!), the groomsmen were coming in and out the house to do some last minute bits and bobs, the photographer and the videographer weren't missing anything and was taking shots of everything... utter madness, but you know, the good kind!

Getting my hair did....

Final result!

The bride was being made up, whilst the florist came and dropped off the flowers.

Grey roses = classy as f

The dresses

Our own hangers... (adorable touch, thanks to Holly's mumma!)

After a total time of 5 hours prep time, the last touches were helping H with her dress and doing up what felt like a thousand buttons, finally, we were ready.

The guests were being picked up by a beautiful vintage bus... with it's own special bus stop.

We hopped on with the rest of the guests and made our way to the church...

Holly's horse drawn carriage...

 Congratulations Mr & Mrs E!

After the 'I do's', we were put back on the bus and made our way to Tracy Park for some bubbles and photos...

The seating plan...

Mik and me

I can't tell you how handy these were after 11 hours of being in heels...!

We took our places at the table...

We marveled at the homemade mulberry gin favours (Holly and Flo had this planned for a while, it was amazing actually being able to taste this after all that time).

Mrs E making the rounds...and checking her ahem, assets!

 ...that's a cake by the way...!

The cake...yum! My only regret was that I didn't have more :(

Keen to have a walkabout of the grounds, we noticed a nice spot for a pic...

I can't tell you how much I loved the dress... if only I had more formal occasions to wear dresses! (The shoes are Zara btw, the green dresses were Debenham's finest and the pink, Jenny Packham).

Just having a mess about with the lanterns!

Here are some more bridesmaid shots (I cant stand still and pose it seems...)

...neither could Flo!

 'Hanham massive'

My ladies

Before we knew it, all of the ladies gathered around for the bouquet toss...(which Sarah caught!)

and for the cake cutting...

The evening flew by, the couple had their first dance... and everyone promptly followed...everything went a little bit hazy here!

Throwing some shapes...

The band...

 It was an incredible day, full of love and laughter and celebration, but there was one little surprise left...the night finished off with a bang!

courtesy of sammyliz

All my love to the happy couple...
F x

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