Thursday, 3 September 2015

Bao London

Buns. Taiwanese buns, to be exact. 

I met with a friend who had specifically requested we go somewhere 'fab and tasty'. I knew that Bao had been a recent favourite amongst the London foodie scene and that the queue was always out the door. In fact, out the door, down the street and round the corner...So, here we go. We rocked up.

I had just come from my boxing class at Gymbox, I told myself ok, just a few buns at most... I failed, miserably :(

First up, we had to have the Taiwanese fried chicken with hot sauce. 

The waitress also recommended the peanut milk... (I have to be honest here, I wasn't really that keen on this, but glad I tried it though, even if it were to veto).

Next up, chicken... but in the pillowly, light and incredibly tasty bao.

Scallops on the side... (just wish we could have had more of these!)

40 day rump cap with white soy.

Buns galore - this one is with lamb shoulder.

and the classic bao.

I have to admit that I wasn't too sure about these. Trotter nuggets... but safe to say, they were fab. The meat was soft, and packed with flavour.

Another one that I was a bit unnerved by - seeing as I've never even ever tried black pudding before..!

Just look at that yolk - incredibly rich. I could only manage a bite of that as it was quite heavy before moving onto the next dish...

The guinea fowl chi shiang rice (with yolk to bring everything together)


And just because it would have been rude not to, we shared the fried horlicks ice cream bao for something sweet....

Be warned, definitely do not eat this one on a date. The first bite squishes everything out of the bao and then you have to subtly try and get the ice cream to fit back into the bao. Smooth move...

I'm only sad that we couldn't cross off more of the menu and fit any more food in our bellies...

More reason to come back soon right? You can check out their website here.

F x


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