Monday, 5 October 2015

17 things only late twentysomethings understand

On Saturday night, I went out for dinner with mates and had two drinks and started having a headache and felt blah. Two. (And I'm not even sure the first glass even counted as a full glass).

Needless to say, it got me thinking about how I certainly can't handle alcohol like I used to, and it got me wondering about things I have no tolerance for, and other things that I (and surely, other late twentysomethings) do after we move out of the 18-24 box and into the 25 - 32 zone.


  1. Loving candles. Ikea ones will do. Screw it, even good old Wilkos does candles now. But for the ultimate feeling of luxe, nothing beats the original Diptique range. Ultimate 'damn my house smells good and I feel soooo luxurious and glam' vibes. Oh yes.

  2. Spending more than £4.99 on a bottle of wine.  
  3. A good night out does NOT mean ending up in Propaganda.
  4. Realising that Ikea is a place to buy reasonably nice stuff. And that it's not just a place that offers cheap meatballs and hotdogs.
  5. ...and on that fast food note,  greasy kebabs and chips are of the past. It's all about sourdough toast and comte cheese after a night out.
  6. Apple sours is awful and horrendous. 
  7. It's ok to hit 12am and think 'hm, is it time to get the last tube, these heels are killing me' .
  8. Drinking water after a night out is now mandatory.
  9. Britney songs are still totally acceptable.

  10. So is anything by the Spice Girls.
  11. You can no longer tolerate queuing. (At the club, at the bar, at the latest opening of the next hipster restaurant).
  12. You can't understand going out without a coat on. Why? Speaking on behalf on all ladies out there, uni nights out consisted of nothing but a cute top and hot pants. Totally OK to spend £3 on a shitty toffee vodka shot, but not £1 putting our coat away that will stop us from getting hypothermia? We knew our priorities back then...

  13. A meal is not spaghetti and a jar of Tesco's tomato sauce.
  14. Nor is it good practice putting on cheese on everything as the only answer to flavour things.
  15. Not having the stamina to stay up as late. Bed at 4am with a 7am start? Sureeeeeee... 
  16. Realising that there's nothing better than a good cuppa tea and X factor on a Saturday night.
  17. Dating someone and then got messed around but always stuck around hoping they would 'change'? Now? You speak out and call them out on their shit.
Getting older has never been better, eh?

F x


  1. Haha this is so good and so true!! BRITNEEEEY! x

  2. So good. Never too old for some Britters... x

  3. Funnily enough I was reading this as I listened to Spice Girls...Viva Forever!!!!


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