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The other day my Mac died.  
The cable to the battery charger literally gave up, went bust, said 'Laterzzzz' and peaced out.  
Cue dramatic 'NOOOOOOOOOO WTF?!#!%!!~!!!' when I realised the cord had in fact burnt through, and snapped clean off into two pieces.  Of course, this is the moment when you realise, oh shit. What about my photos from... X, Y, Z? 
After what felt like a year (in reality, 3 days) without laptop my new charger came through the post (I think I even cried a little with joy when I plugged in). Yayayyyyy!  Here is where I made the promise to myself that I'll start backing up more, at least posting so I have somewhere to come back and look at photos if the worst happens.   So, first batch - our couples trip to Prague... 

Vítejte v Praze! 

We arrived late I remember, into the apartment right next to the John Lennon wall which was lovely... apart from the gazillion spiders that were harbouring in the apartment. (That's what you get for staying in some old as f castle that is currently being renovated.) Oh, and also being put next to a river, yep. Spider heaven.

One very arachnaphobic girl vs. three Australians who are used to this spider shiz? I think I dealt with it rather quite well by even staying in the flat and not immediately booking myself a flight back home.

By the way, C and I even watched a death battle between Big Spider with the big ass body (BSWTBAB) vs. Big Spider with small body but super long legs (BSWSBBSLL) in a territorial death match.

We fell asleep. I think BSWTBAB won.

Anyway, moving on - first morning, to Cukrkavalimonada. (Thats, sugar, coffee, lemonade).

Just look at these bad boys:

Endless supply of sweeties.

...topped off with meringues.

We sat at the bar, patiently sipping on some juice whilst we waited for the good stuff to arrive.

-----> this is C's idea of breakfast. (Proscuitto, rocket pancake - mega super sized)

I had myself some of the most well done eggs I have ever tasted. Or perhaps it was the buckets of cheese on top that did it?

Meh. Doesn't matter. Still v. good.

Dessert pancake.... lemon and sugar, classic.

After our stomachs exploded, we went for a walk through town.

Taking in the sights, walking through our neighbourhood, and walked back to our abode. Did I mention we were staying right next to the John Lennon wall? Here are the letterboxes to where we were staying.

The whole gang is here!

Checking out the love locks...

The guys were hatin' on the notion of writing on a lock and chaining it to the bridge but I thought it was rather a sweet gesture to do. I think it's the romantic in me, perhaps...

Onwards... after sourcing up a coffee for T, we stopped by the river to take a few snaps and chatter.

I know it was pretty grey... but the heat was definitely on when we visited, and needed to find some ice cold beers/water anything to hydrate! Instead of buying water, all I could notice was these:


We walked to the Old Town Square

The third oldest astrological clock in the world.

Er... what's this I see? Paddle boats? Errrrrr yessssss.

 Vltava River? Check. Drinks in tow? Check.

Cheeky selfie! (Ignore my oh so lovely chins)

Wouldn't have been a holiday without a bit of sunbathing right...?

Quack quack!

Now this is the best bit. There was a bar next to the river, where you could actually rock up, and ORDER ALL DA DRINKSSS!

Helllllllls yeah!

We decided to treat ourselves to a well earned beer after all the paddling! (And also to escape the sun for a bit, sunburn ain't a good look!)

After our pints, we walked back across the bridge and made our way to a Czech pub, a recommendation that our host made.

Stopping off for a few snaps on the way.

Right. I lost my note with the name of the restaurant...
But I'll make it up with my pics!

Yum. Steak + Potatoes.

 Lush. I think it's safe to say we waddled home that evening.

The next morning was a slightly grey and cloudy one... but it's alright. We had something planned that would brighten up the day....


The guide took us along the main bits of Prague..

 I chuckled when I realised that even a little bit of Bristol had made it's mark on Prague: (Bristol City FC!)

We went to the top of the hill that overlooked the city, about 5 minutes later we were coming down a really steep hill (proper steep.. promise). I crashed and burned ....#segwayfail. The segway went crashing down, my left elbow got a bashing. Sad times.

After my little er, incident...we made our way to the St. Vitus Cathedral.

Listened to some local music...

Before safely dropping off our segways, whacking a big ol' plaster on my elbow and dashing off for some gelato...

Salted caramel for me!

We decided to head back to the cathedral as we didn't have enough time in the tour to actually go inside... we wanted to walk back and give it a proper look. (I need to have a segway in my life, travelling by foot seemed so slow..?!)

Once inside, we didn't regret it...

The statues were simply incredible.

...the sun seemed to play game and come out to play as well!

Hill shot no 2  - with sun!

The guide told us about a beer place which was awesome - naturally we went to go and find said beer place... (no clue what it was called...)

We kinda went on a massive trek in the end...

Passed by local women who were practicing traditional dance...

Ok, top of the hill - almost there...


Beers drank (I think the lads were satisfied!) We headed back to get ready for dinner - taking advantage of the balcony

Aperol. Summer in a glass...

Sorry to say no more photos of the evening... food was sadly sub par to expectations so no foodie pics!

I did mention that we were staying right next to the John Lennon wall. We wanted to take a few shots of the wall in the early morn as this was the only time it wasn't surrounded by fellow tourists.

After a quick snooze, we got ready and headed out for the last breakfast, at Cafe Savoy. (Again, another recommendation from our host!)

Deceivingly flakey... more flakey than chocalately.

As it was our last day, we went for a walk through town, to see the bits that we missed off and hadn't quite gotten around to seeing yet.

I took a couple of pics of this street performer - quite therapeutic standing and watching the ginormous bubbles being made and floating over everyone's heads precariously...

We had time for another cathedral...

We came across the smallest gap/alleyway. It even has it's own traffic light? T getting involved with the gap..!

To finish off our trip, one last late lunch at our favourite place before the flight home

Pasta. Oodles of parmesan.

Salmon. Yum.

Prague.. I didn't think I'd enjoy it anywhere near as much as I did. The food, and just how spectacular the sights were. When can I go back...?

F x


  1. Wow! It looks like you had a wonderful time filled with happiness memories & delicious food. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. Amazing photos!!! And OMG I would totally cry too without a laptop for three days. I feel you on that one!



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