Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Christmas (Part 1), Melbourne

 What better way to spend Christmas and New Year than jetting off to Australia?

Firstly, let me set the scene. C was homesick last Christmas. Spending your christmas travelling through Germany and Switzerland is fun and all, but it can be quite lonely, especially when you aren't with your loved ones on Christmas day. C said that in 2015, he would have to go back and spend the festive period in Melbourne. Cue sad face.

Luckily for me, he asked me if I wanted to join him... as if I was going to turn down the chance to spend christmas in Oz?!

December flew by, I took the opportunity to wear as much christmas clobber/drink as much mulled wine and cider as possible before we were due to fly out.

After a long day at work, trying to finish everything off (I didn't...eek) and trekking our bags to Heathrow on the tube during rush hour, we finally dropped off our bags and got told we couldn't change our seats.

Fine...we can do this. (Just for the record we were sandwiched in between people on both legs of the trip. Sigh)

A pre-flight champers was in order.

Along with some excellent fish and chips from The Perfectionist's Cafe.

I didn't snap a pic of it, but they give you a vial which you can spray your vinegar on. The peas were.... *angels sing*.

 As mentioned, we were squished inbetween two awful fellow passengers (one decided to put her blanket over her head to passively tell us she wouldn't move if we wanted to pee, and the lady on my side was sick, coughy and I'm not sure what happened, but she disappeared in the loos for 2 hours. I was watching Straight Outta Compton and she left right at the beginning...and sat down just before we were due to land. Passed out? Having some solo fun time perhaps? No clue. Either way, she sat down when the credits were rolling...)

The Singapore flight to Melbourne was slightly better, but was still quite unpleasant due to the crying and tired toddlers that were on board. Note to self. Bring sleeping pills for all future flights.

We arrived... fresh and ready morbid and zombiefied. Our luggage took about a year to come through on the conveyor belt, and C's family were waiting to pick us up. (By the way, after 24 hours on a plane, it's futile to try and pretend you aren't tired. No amount of Khiel's Midnight Recovery is gonna get you through this, just go with it.)


Here was the only photo we could muster taking when we went for a walk through the park near Kew East. (Well, I fib. We took a jetlag selfie as a laugh... but trust me, it was too horrendous.) 

C's sister K suggested this incredibly decadent doughnut place, Shortstop. Trouble was, it was due to shut over the christmas holidays we had to get down there pronto.

We had these ones... ↑ earl grey and rose... and the cruller. Hubba hubba

We also tried out the tastiest chocolate Melbourne had to offer, from Koko Black.

I admired the tiles outside Gew├╝rzhaus (spice shop)

...admired the spice shop itself where we did a spot of last minute christmas shopping. (Need to put copperware on my wishlist for this year!)

It's not all about the shops though. We went for a spot of culture, too.


'This major international exhibition features two of the most significant artists of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries: Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei.' In all honesty, I'm not sure how the mixture of the two artist worked.. sure the pieces were important but it kinda felt like it could have been two separate exhibitions?

Anyway, here were a few snaps - see what you think?

Warhol's 'Elvis'

'Silver Liz'

'Dropping a Dynasty Urn'. 
I read an interesting article about this but I'm not sure what to think? I understand the point Ai is trying to make, but destroying ancient pieces for the sake of making a statement...?

We moved on to this spectacle called 'Bird Balloons' - an interactive installation consisting of a fan, lots of balloons and everyone is encouraged to play!

The famous, Twitter inspired wallpaper...

In these series of photographs, Ai photographs his left arm extended forward with middle finger raised against authoritative landmarks. 

Back to Warhol...

Warhol loved taking poloroids of his famous. How many famous faces can you spot?

A spot of culture to start off the trip. But don't worry - more snaps and stories to come...
F x



  1. Sorry you guys had a rough flight out! XD But the doughnuts look delicious and seems like the museum was a fun outfit :)



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