Sunday, 31 January 2016

Melbourne, Australia - Dolphins, Red Hill and Cape Schanck

So this is what it feels like after you've swam with wild dolphins.

C is from Melbourne but he had never done this before or even thought about doing this.  Rewind back to October when I was scouring through the internet and found the good old Lonely Planet website...Swimming with dolphins is up there on my bucket list and I'm glad I can finally tick this off!

Over the weekend, we threw a party at C's house and all of his mates had warned me 'nah you probably won't see any dolphins..but fingers crossed!'

Ah. Right then. :(

The next morning: cue terribly unflattering wetsuit.

Now, what you see in the photo below... are seals, not dolphins.

Let me explain. When we rocked up to Sorrento, we were running late, the boat was about to leave and we got told to put our wetsuits on asap. I've never put on a wetsuit but it was kinda like this: Imagine trying to put sausage meat back into the skin after it has been squeezed out. Sigh.

The guides were a few minutes in, briefing us on the health and safety...and guess who comes out to play? The dolphins! They were following the boat approximately 10 mins after we set off. (And here I was thinking I wasn't gonna see any!)

As we put on our snorkels and dived in, we looked down, trying to catch a glimpse of them. And there they were, you could see the dolphins (there were more but I saw three sticking close together) just swimming along with the boat, so close you could touch them (as they are wild we weren't allowed to, but it gives you an idea of how close they were...!)

As it was kinda touch or go - only ten people were allowed in the water at one time and the current was strong, I didn't get any snaps, sadly. After about 20 minutes, the dolphins stopped trailing the boat and we were on our own. No more dolphins :( The guides decided to take us to see the seals as well. Normally the seals are the back up plan if you don't end up seeing the dolphins, we managed to see both which was a treat!

Top tip: Try not to get behind the seals. The smell of seal poo will get you. No kidding... you've been warned!

C looking wind sea swept.

After we finished the trip and the boat dropped us off, we had a spot of lunch (roast chicken and buns from Baker's Delight!) and we still had the rest of the day free. C mentioned we should check out Red Hill.

We rocked up at Green Olive at Red Hill... for some lemonade. Sorry to disappoint! C hates olives so we didn't partake and I didn't feel like scoffing the olive and bread selection by myself. (Well, I did just have lunch!)

We did pick up some goodies for some belated christmas pressies for our friends back at home.

A quaint little place to have some homemade lemonade (made with rainwater, not tap water. Oh la la!)

This place was awesome. The workers were rolling up and down the hills with their quad bike/tractor hybrids, this little fella was happy to chase said bikes...!

We also stopped off here: Ten Minutes by Tractor. We only had a fleeting visit to try some of their wine, and eventually bought some savignon blanc, but this was the only snap I had to document:

C's mum told us we should check out Cape Schanck on the way back and needless to say, this was a great recommendation.

This sounds silly but, I couldn't get over just how blue the water looked?

There was a boardwalk which led down to the rocks...

...and a lighthouse!

We slowly made our way down to the rocks, taking a gazillion photos along the way. We had a few minutes just in silent, taking everything in. The wind was blowing and the sun was shining on us. It was an incredible feeling, just appreciating nature. I suddenly realised just how far away I was from London and I have to admit it was an amazing feeling. Something about the water just makes you calm.

Did I mention it was windy...?!

Thank you, Cape Shanck... you were just, delightful.

More adventures next time...

F x

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