Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Christmas (Part 2), Melbourne

Christmas time in Melbourne. This was definitely something I could get used to. Summertime and christmas works well together it seems!

In the last few days before christmas we did what Melbournians do best: brunch (Grapeseed, Armadale)


Got a chop (needed on my grown out fringe)  

 Much better!

We stopped off in Fitzroy to catch up with a old colleague of mine and had churros...worth it.

Xmas eve. Puffin Billy was the plan but this didn't work out too well... (we missed it by a few minutes!) So we drove up to Lakeside for a wee picnic.

and a paddle!

We also stopped off at Mount Dandenong to check out the view...

and found a chair which was a bit roomy.

If there is one thing Oz can give you is nature.

Christmas day was upon us and I was given some goodies

and also indulged in some delicious homemade pavlova (peppermint crisp style!)

C managed to get in some scooter time.

and puppy time!

A special way to spend christmas...

F x


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