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So, they were right - Budapest was beautiful. We went back in April but I hadn't gotten around to sharing my snaps.

We headed to Stansted after work (I had been to Stansted 3 times in a month and was getting a wee bit tedious of the routine, but no sympathy like feelings - at least I was going away right?).

So, a short taxi ride away and we had arrived fashionably late to our humble abode (a two bed gorgeous AirBnb apartment) but sadly, too late for any dinner as everywhere had closed by the time we got there.

Dinner for the night? Cherry chupa chups. Keepin' it classy.

We made our mark:


The next morning we vowed to have something a bit more substantial.  Er, does a cafe croissant help? Note, always always check out if there are any supermarkets near by for fresh fruit and some yoghurt. Girl gotta get her 5 a day, right?

I dressed appropriately, a one-piece as we were headed for: Széchenyi Spa.

Budapest has a long history of thermal spas, and this one is no exception. The most popular of all of the thermal baths, it was the first on the Pest side of Budapest. (Budapest comes from the union of two cities, Buda and Pest. The two cities united in 1873 - I'm horrendously bad at knowing anything of historical merit, but I learned about this on a walking tour we went on!)

Once we got changed and had our massages (fun, but not the best I'd say...and not very 'relaxing' but at least it sorted out the knots I had!)

Enjoying a daiquiri, as you do!

It was a deceivingly hot day and we had a blast - I couldn't bring my camera into some parts of the building but it was huge. The inside buildings had different baths, spas and saunas and steam rooms, all of different sizes with varying temperatures. There is even a proper pool for laps if you fancy.

A fun day out (try out the whirlpool in one of the main pools - guaranteed laughter!).

Afterwards we caught a taxi back to our apartment, we wanted to grab some fruit and stock up on teabags (can't ever take away tea from me, even on holiday!) and decided to go for a stroll along the river.

After a quick nap, we changed into our gladrags (well, my version of gladrags is my patent pink skirt I picked up from Asos a couple of years back) and headed to town for my favourite time...dinner time!


.... to St. Andrea's.

Bread basket - warm, with the most cutest serve of butter.

I'm always a fan of tartare and this one didn't disappoint...

Veal Tartare with Lobster Bisque.

Duck breast with roasted carrots...

We couldn't decide between the cheese or dessert so we had both!

Faces stuffed, wallet much lighter, we hauled ourselves into a cab to rest up for the next day.

C is a fan of walking tours. We've been to a few now, and I have to say, that it's a great way of seeing the city, especially when you have a guide who knows the city well (I wish I could say that all walking tour guides were good but we came across one in Venice who was er, so-so to say the least)...#

So off we go, across the bridge to Pest...

...and onto the St. Stephen's Basilica.

Onwards and upwards towards Buda Castle... (where the Eagle statue lives)

Love daisies amongst a bright patch of green.

(I digress but I miss my long hair just by looking at this shot)

Our final stop: Matthias Church.

Which also led us to the most loveliest cake shop in Buda: Budavar Ruszwurm Cukraszda

(C had this, but I can vouch for their espresso) 

After cake we went for a walk, retracing our steps

On our way back to a pathway we went past the cherry trees which were lining the pathway. You can imagine what a sight it must have been to see when a gust of wind came by! I got involved, naturally.

Getting a bit peckish, we decided to seek out a spot to eat...

..for some traditional grub, (boiled chicken and spaetzle!)

Of course you don't need any more persuasion to go and visit, but if you did, the architecture is more than a reason to visit.

We got back to the flat to freshen up and for a snooze before we headed back out again for next event...

Here is the view from the top inner balcony of our AirBnb.

We treated ourselves to a river cruise at night along the Danube and to see the city properly. And what a sight...

Buda Castle.

Now, you wouldn't be missing the mark if you thought this building was a castle of some sort, right? Nah. This is the Hungarian Parliament Building. Right...!?

What a stunner...

The night before,, we had walked past a gelato place that had the queue coming out of the door and down the street, but as we didn't want to wait around, we waited for the next morning, before we had to head to the airport.

Now we totally get why there was a queue... Rose shaped gelato...

Gimmicky, but oh so so good!

Budapest, you beaut...

F x


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