Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Cinque Terre, Italy

 Cinque Terre, Italy. 

Technically, our trip started here, in Pisa. I've got a fair few photo to share of the Italy trip as we made our way through the likes of Florence, Siena, Lucca and Volterra.

Shall we begin...?

For C, it was his first time in Pisa.

I on the other hand had visited before, and the rain pushed me towards staying in the apartment to finish off a few work emails (boo, I know) before we made our move to Cinque Terre. Soon after, we were off! First leg of the trip...



(I have to say the train network was a lot left to be desired but we got there nonetheless...)

Noi siamo arrivati! 

We met our Airbnb host at the train station and got shown up to the flat (we were right at the top of the hill overlooking the station. Here is where I'd like to also mention that we also had to lug our suitcase all the way up as there were no cars allowed during Sundays. I think I died when we finally got to the top!)

We were treated to a very gloomy Manarola...
(adds to the ambience, right?)

I wish I could grow lemons as big as these in London..!

We headed down to the main part of Manarola, in search of some good grub. (Also, by this point it was raining cats and dogs and everyone was seeking shelter!)

 We looked around for some trinkets to take back home...

Now, you can either get a boat, take the train or take the walking trail - some of the paths are closed though so I'd say taking the train is your best bet. After the pasta, full and happy, albeit soaked from the rain(!) we hopped on the train that took us to my favourite out of the towns we visited - Riomaggiore.

Oh bubba, you were my favourite! I can only wish it was just a bit sunnier to really show off the town. The water was the perfect shade of blue green. Just, stunning.


Vernazza didn't disappoint either as you can see!

The crystal clear waters proved to be popular with the local kids.

The beauty of the towns is that there are countless backstreets and hidden alleyways...

Waiting to be explored...

The footpath here stopped us from going any further...

At the bottom of Vernazza...


There is nothing that can compare to standing here on the hill and just, looking down. The beauty is astonishing, the mixture of colours of the buildings, the water and the landscape.

After we walked off lunch, (and some gelato - I've never had pistachio that tasted this good...) we decided to head back to our neck of the woods for my favourite time: Dinnertime!

There were quite a few restaurants dotted around however it was the allure of beef carpaccio that was calling us...

.... and of course, in Italy - what must one have? Pizza!

(There's that Aperol spritz I was talking about..ahem).

Stick around, there's more to come...

F x

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