Friday, 23 September 2016

Why you should be a good samaritan

Today, my faith in humanity was restored.

You know when you are just having one of those weeks where you just wanna say 'screw this'? When you have moments to reflect on where you are going in life and whether you are doing the right thing?

Sorry to be cryptic, but I've been having one of those weeks. Whilst I'm still trying to figure out personal stuff and still feel like I'm wading through quicksand at this current period of time, I realised that there will be a bright side, eventually. Even if you don't expect it or see it coming.

I walked home from the tube today feeling deflated, weary and confused, but as I was walking towards the steps to my flat I noticed an elderly lady who was slowly walking with her walking stick, who was really struggling to carry her groceries, and I realised that I hadn't helped someone randomly in a while. That sounds silly right?

What I mean is, living in London, it's easy to get wrapped up in the rat race bubble. That bubble where you don't make eye contact with anyone whilst you're travelling on the tube, your earphones are in, or you're always looking down on your iPhone screen, trying to see if you can catch the last bit of wifi before you pull out of the station. What I'm trying to say is we never really 'connect' with anyone anymore, it seems?

Something just made me want to help her, even if it was just carrying her bags up a few flights of stairs to her flat. She seemed totally gobsmacked that anyone would want to help her. Before I offered to carry her bags, she even stepped out of the way, assuming that someone wanted to push past her to get in front.

After I dropped off her bags, she thanked me profusely, and also grinning ear to ear, said 'I have to give you a hug - a big hug!' She hugged me, and I just felt...lighter. All of the bad vibes I had going on just, didn't matter. I mean, of course it's still going to affect me, but after I wished her well,  I let myself into my flat and just took a moment to myself to reflect.

This is what it's about, helping others. If something so small as this can make someone smile and make their lives easier, just that little bit, isn't it worth it? That's what it's all about. Sharing compassion.

It just puts things in perspective, and also reminded me, that no matter what hardship you've got going on, it's going to be ok.

You got this.

F x


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