Thursday, 27 October 2016

14 reasons why we should all embrace the 'Hygge' vibe

The one thing that everyone loves to talk/moan about? The weather.

The days are getting shorter and the temperature has definitely gotten cooler. I had to do the wardrobe switch last weekend - the summer jackets got shoved to the other wardrobe whilst my duffle coats and the goose down jackets are center forward.

Normally the grey, dreary clouds spells MEH but it's also the sign of a good thing: Hygge time.

Everyone has been talking about Hygge and I'm no exception.
What is 'Hygge', you ask? It's a danish word which apparently doesn't have a direct english translation but it means to me, a cup of hot cocoa looking out a window on a wet and dreary day,  lying in bed with a massive woolly duvet, or snuggling up with your bae with your favourite film.

But essentially, 'Hygge' means creating a cosy, warm and inviting atmosphere and enjoying good times and enjoying life with good people around you.

Here are 14 reasons why we should embrace the 'Hygge'. Right now. Let's go:
  • Now that it's cooler, it's time to check out ALL of the over the knee boots that are everywhere. Which reminds me payday is coming up in a few days...
  • Remember when it got a bit sticky and humid and you could never sleep with the duvet on you because it was just TOO hot. (Anyone else do the 'one leg out of the duvet' thing apart from me?) Yah. Now you can have ALL of the duvet and wrap up snug as a bug.
  • Autumn leaves. Annoying when you have to sweep up, but OH so pretty. All of the colours... 
  • Scarves. Loving the way a cashmere scarf can just finish your look. In fab autumnal tones. They are the best, yellows, reds, orange...
  • A hot ribena. Hot choc with a shot of Baileys. Standard Cuppa. Any hot drink. In any variety.
  •  Pumpkins. Pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin and sage soup... pumpkins as flower decor like I've done in my hallway:
  • Halloween.  I hate scary movies - but, this means there's even more reason to gather the girlfriends around, pile up the cushions and pillows and blankets and crack open a nice bottle of red. Now, which one first, Scary Movie 2 or Who's Afraid of the Dark? (Like I said, I can't handle my horror!) 
  •  Read a book. There's nothing like a good book. Right now I'm reading Jon Ron's book on Shame (interesting and eye-opening) but I also just finished The Girl on the Train before catching it at the cinema yesterday (also, very good - gives you a bit more insight than the book did. Go see, you'll see what I mean).
  •  Bubble baths. I'm not too much of a fan of baths usually but when t gets to November I will be spending all my time with Mr. Radox and some of those muscle soak salts. Yes. Throw in a Lush bubble bomb if you wanna luxe it up a bit.
  •  Candles are a fab way of lifting up your mood - my favourite right now is one that C's sister gave me for christmas - a double wick soy candle in Lemongrass from Palm Beach.
  •  Red wine is the way to my soul. Gone are the aperol spritz days (as soon as it hit mid September I put my bottle of Aperol back into the cupboard and out came the malbecs and riojas. 
  •  Treat yourself to that throw or cushion you've been eyeing up at habitat. Nothing says comfy and cosy than a new bit of decor. 
  •  Get baking. Anything you'd like. (Can you tell I'm watching The Great British Bake Off finale?) Even the simplest batch of brownies can sooth the soul. There's something soothing and calming about baking (unless you've used the wrong bowl to mix with and the hand mixer goes berserk and you end up with half of the ingredients on your walls). Now get yourself a hot drink (see point 5) and enjoy your hard work.

...and finally,  the ultimate hygge thing?  Hot water bottles... The fluffier the cover, the better.

 Let me know what you love to do to get in the 'hygge' mood...

F x


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