Thursday, 20 October 2016

Florence, Italy

Florence. It's one of those places that resonates with everyone - if you want food, culture, art splattered with a bit of history, Florence is the place you need to head to.

Although if I'm honest, whilst I could appreciate Florence, it wasn't my favourite stop in our trip (very rainy weather and a very poor choice of AirBnb (it was a damp basement/studio where you had to shower over the loo and everything smelt of mould) which kinda dampened my mood (lolz).
We did however, mangia. We stayed there for a couple of days so we wanted to try ALL of the food...this was technically brunch.
Now, in the summer you know you will be fighting through the crowds to get well, anywhere.
We walked around, checking out the sights as we strolled.
...Until we decided to stop off at the Mercato Centrale to check out Da Nerbone. (Er, our late lunch..!)
Now they don't have a website but a quick Google search tells you all you need to know: Top ratings and amazing food.
So the menu is in italian - no english version. The menu changes daily so you never know what you might get.
We went for the risotto and the pesto fusilli. (Expect to queue for quite a while but its definitely worth it!)
We walked through the market to try and suss out the local goods to see what we could bring back home to London...
Ha. This reminds me of the story of when my parents found an 'amazing deal' on a leg of ham when we all went on a family holiday to Spain and decided it would be a great idea to try and get it back to the UK... (I'll save the full story for another time!

If you get the chance, swing by and check out the leather goods, the leather market is like no other. This is the one thing I regret (I told myself I'll get the chance to buy a Stella lookalike bag later on in the trip and never did...)

Back to sightseeing, we went to see Ill Duomo in it's glory.
The perfect way to round off the evening? Wine at our local favourite:
...and gelato. (Salted Caramel and Pistachio)
arrivederci, Florence!

F x 

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