Thursday, 17 November 2016

Borgo Pignano, Volterra, Italy

Borgo Pignano. Our final stop in our Italian adventure.

All I remember from the journey to Borgo Pignano was feeling...sick.

Like the type where you've been in a roller coaster but going backwards. Five times in a row. (I've never been good at travel sickness especially when the taxi driver is definitely speeding along windy country Tuscan roads for an hour.) Blah.
The weather as I've mentioned was a bit hit and miss during the week and when we rocked up on Borgo's doorsteps, the heavens opened and we sought shelter in the hotel reception.

'Hotel' should be used as a loose term, as this place was more than that. Just utterly beautiful and very Italian. Every need was catered for, and the food? We'll get to that. (I always judge a place on the food. Stomach wins).

The climax to the trip: The Wedding. C's old roommate Hannah was getting married to her boyfriend (they have been together since their teenage years) and we were thrilled to be invited to their special day.

Here are a few pictures of the grounds...see what I mean about rustic charm?

The skies were teasing us as you can see. The heavy and looming overcast made us all fear for the worst. More rain? Argh. Didn't we escape the UK to get away from the weather?!

See this thing here? This was the wood fire that served us for the introductory dinner with for all of the guests. The ceremony was happening the next day. Hannah had actually planned for us to be seated here too but didn't want to chance it with the rain so we were all placed under a beautifully set up marquee in the end.

Borgo Pignano even offered fun activities, including horse riding if you are that way inclined..?
Hey there buddy!

It took us a while to walk around the grounds. As well as having the main building, there were separate guest houses, located around the estate.

Let's head inside shall we?
For a spot of reading perhaps?
       I can't think of anywhere more perfect to unwind. Roaring fire to the right, hot choc in tow...

Or perhaps a game of pool?

Our room was,of course, delicious. The first thing I smelt when we walked in was these freshly picked strawberries (much to C's dismay: He hates fruit).

I made myself a water, and laced it with strawberry and rosemary. Slurp. Well, if life gives you lemons strawberries...

  Fresh flowers

(That's Spidey and Koaley - it's mushy but we bring them along with us when we travel)
Moving the evening buffet. Hannah wanted a 50's theme for the night and C neglected to tell me this until a week before the wedding. PANIC MODE. I think I made 6 ASOS orders in an attempt to get an outfit that worked. I'm still not entirely sure if I pulled it off but here was the end result:
We walked down and....hardly anyone dressed up. ARGH *ground swallow me up nowwwwwwww*. I overheard a fellow guest say 'god, some people are actually dressing up' which I will take as a good sign. C was wearing a waistcoat, hat and some braces so we both look pretty committed. After about 15 minutes, Hannah's doctor friends rocked up with their 50's gear and we didn't feel so lost after all, hurrah! I totally cheated by the way and got into my sandals as I didn't want to ruin my LK Bennetts in the wet grass :(

We took our seats for the night...forgive me as I was tipsy and eating a helluva lot of pizza so no photos of the actual food (for once!)
We did have a gelato stall afterwards for dessert though! When in Italy...
Shout out to C who accidentally put his used spoon in the rest of the clean spoons and then caused a temporary gelato spoon shortage...oopsie!
Whist I called it a night, C carried on partying with the rest of the crew down in one of the guesthouses which was a difficult walk according to C. (Well, 20 minutes navigating the dirt road with no light in the middle of the night is quite tricky it seems).

The next day we relaxed, some people went into San Gimignano. We wanted to but the cab fare was unjustifiable as we would only be there for an hour or so max before having to come back and get ready for the ceremony so we stayed on the grounds to relax and unwind.

We even had the pleasure of checking out the produce: Beef Carpaccio. I'll never get bored of this dish.

We took in the sights...

Before taking a seat for the ceremony...
The blushing bride looked beautiful and tears of joy were shared. The sun was out and behaved during the day and it was perfect.
The dress code for the wedding was 'boho chic' which I hoped my Archive by Alexa M&S dress did justice?
The band was playing whilst the bride walked down the aisle (which, leading to a forest was quite unsteady and a hard feat but she did a stellar job!)
 We toasted...
...and ate our way through the Parmesan and prosciutto. 
We took our seats under the marquee which had dramatically transformed into this beautiful arrangement.
Pinterest worthy. 
The little details just pulled evereything together, like this candle holder. ALL THE YES.
Er, can I have this yurt? Yurt or tent..?
Wine was flowing, each course arrived with quick succession...
I got seated next to Hannah's cousins and they were fabulous. Utterly so. They had hailed from Texas and L.A. and we sent the night comparing our relative homelands and being let in on hot places to eat at in L.A (I headed to Canada and the States a couple of weeks after the wedding) so I stockpiled on the foodie info... thanks Gaby!) 
After a night of food and wine and some merry measures I was more than ready for bed. Where I found the cutest sprig of rosemary placed on my pillow.
The next day we discovered a part of the estate that we hadn't come across so we took advantage and had a gander.
The final event was the breakfast buffet. Breakfast lasagne anyone? That plate at the bottom was mine and I'm not even sorry. And yes, that's a glass of prosecco. Hair of the dog, yeah?
 The best way to end a fantastic trip...Italy, Hai rotto il fiato. 

F x


  1. I am so beyond jealous, this all looks amazing! Also what a beautiful wedding! I love all the little details. Hope you've had a lovely time chick x

    Always, Alice

  2. It was fantastic and I'm counting down the days when I go back to Tuscany again...! Thanks for stopping by :) xxx

  3. Oh that looks ABSOLUTELY beautiful!

    Love, kerstin


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